What Kinds of Paints to Use?

 bad smell and dangerous debris

Low Voc Paints are becoming more and more concerned for both the homeowner and the painter. Our Toronto?House painting company in most cases now use low voc paints and all applications where latex paint is being used. When you are painting a large wall surface in a living room or bedroom that is a lot of square area that is admitting gases. Knowing this we have converted to using these special paints to prevent health problems that may occur.

This day and age things have drastically changed because of the environmental regulations on pollution. Not only do we have to concern ourselves with air pollution but also with ground pollution and hazardous toxic wastes. Most paints were made previously with all kinds of nasty chemicals in them and that would affect the environment and also the painter.

When the painter is applying the paint especially those highly toxic paints the ones with lacquer solvent base and even worse xylene which is even a more potent chemical it would get into their lungs and sometimes make them dizzy and even nauseous and headaches and so on. So the immediate effects were already seen at the very beginning of the painting application.

Some oil paints are not as bad but still are relatively nauseous to smell and also get into the bloodstream creating light nausea and headaches for some. The latex paints in the beginning were extremely powerful ammonia solvents that would keep the rubber dissolved while the latex was being painted. But these paints were still using toxic additives which were being phased out

Very lately with the eco-friendly paints being developed they are mostly latex paints with the addition of some hybrid paints that are oil latex mixture that can be washed out with water instead of mineral spirits/solvents.

This video below will tell you all about voc paints and their properties and ?what these paints don’t have in them making them dangerous to breathe and be around.


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