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What Comes First: Wall Painting or Floor Refinishing?

What Comes First: Wall Painting or Floor Refinishing?

What Comes First: Wall Painting or Floor Refinishing?

Interior painting

This is a question asked many times over. The customer will call us for interior painting and specifically asks a question about who should be doing their work first the flooring guy or the painter.

If this was my job and I needed a painter and a flooring guy to work in my house I would pick the flooring guy first for a few different reasons.

1 – if any baseboards are being replaced they will need caulking and finishing and this can be done while the painter’s painting the room. A painter will do a better job at finishing baseboards then a flooring guy went since the flooring guy is the floor business and the painter is of the painting business. Obviously I would trust a painter to do a better job on the baseboard.

2 – if possibly there any damages from the flooring installation on the walls they could be repaired while the painting is being performed on the walls.

3 – when hardwood flooring is being cut and installed in the room there will be a buildup of sawdust and a regular dust developing all over the walls and if the walls were already painted that it’s possible that the dust cleaning might mark the walls. Not to say though that not every job after hardwood installation are the walls painted so the hardwood installer must be careful about the walls likewise the same story goes for the painter if the hardwood is not being replaced then the painter has to make sure that no paint gets on the floors. But in either case both trades have to respect the others work.

When we go out and paints a room with hardwood flooring or carpets or even ceramic floor, the floors get completely covered from edge to edge making sure that they don’t have to get down on their knees to clean the floor. It is a lot easier to cover up it for 10 minutes then to clean up for 10 hours.

Even if the home has an existing hardwood floor and we know it will be replaced just by sheer habit we still cover the hardwood floors. The reason we cover the hardwood floors not only for the aspect of keeping floor clean but also that if we sprinkle small specks of paint on the floor then walk on it and then walk out in the hallway we will end up putting paint marks throughout the house all over the floors.

It’s obvious from our experience that other painters would say that the flooring should go last because they’re too lazy to worry about the floors.

As professional Toronto painters we are not worried about were the floor is new or old it gets covered.

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