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what are the best interior house paints

Interior house paints

For Interior house painting have come a long way, both in wall painting and trim painting materials. There has been quite a change for interior house painters, to the paints and the makeups of the paints ever since the industry has gone towards ECO friendly paints.

Oil base painting which use solvents for cleaning and thinning out of the paint has all but gone.These paints were durable and washable and dried and cures quickly to a hard finish more quickly than latex paints do after the initial dry to the touch is over the latex paint still has 30 days to completely cure. The only problem with these paints were that the material was a little bit harder to work with in respect to clean up . You needed solvents to be able to washout your painting tools and also to wash your hands if they had paint on them. Then there was the issue of what do you do with the dirty varsol or turpentine that was left over from the paint tool cleanup.


Latex paints

have been around for a long time but were never used as a durable washable paint. But ever since the industry has changed they have been reinventing and formulating better latex paints. It used to be that latex paints would not sit flat on trim work it would leave a lot of brush marks and streaks and stay that way after drying. But now days they have improved to the paint well enough that the paint has long enough time to dry that it will level itself out on the surface that is being painted whether it be a door our door trim or a window sill or kitchen walls. They also have improved the quality of the paint by putting in additives that would give it better hiding capabilities and ceiling over stains and knots.


Best inside house paints

Best Interior house Paints
Benjamin Moore’s Best interior house paint
Best Interior house Paints
Sherwin Williams


Don’t come cheap, these paints have expensive ingredients that make up the paint such as things like titanium and other expensive additives which enhance the performance of the paint. But these do not come cheap and when you add $5 worth of just one additive to a paint it will most definitely bring up the price of the paint. And there are a number of additives that can be added to a paint to enhance its longevity and performance. Paint companies such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and Para paints, Pittsburgh paints all which are known exclusively as paint companies whose reputation relies and depends on the quality of their paints and their promises of performance.


Applying/ Working with the paint

The additional bonus to using topline top quality professional paints is the fact that the paint is much more easily applied. It is a finer higher-quality easier flowing, a consistency that makes it easier to work with. This makes the brush or roller moved more smoothly and evenly and quickly across the substrates. If a homeowner ever decides they want to buy interior paint they should consider buying the best inside house paints available to them because able make them feel like a professional painter when they see how nicely and evenly paint goes on and flows smoothly.

Ultra appears to be marketed by Behr as their best stuff. While it probably is the best they have, it strikes me as more parallel with the lower to mid lines offered by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, which are also surprisingly good these days. Ultra would be a great paint for homeowners and diy because it is easy to use, and it really is a good paint. Some of the marketing about it suggests that it will be a life changing experience. I guess time will tell, but in this quick glimpse, it didn’t show any remarkable innovation. Regardless of paint and/or primer systems, on bare wood it still takes 2-3 coats regardless of product to achieve a professional standard. But still, like most premium lines from most manufacturers, Ultra is a good paint. Surprisingly good actually, but it does run some of the risk that other products have been pinged with, which is marketing that promises an experience that no product really delivers.My biggest criticism of Ultra is that when sanding, it doesn’t powder up very well. It forms tiny, sticky little pills that are hard on abrasives. Most other premium trim paints form a fine powder when sanded through a range of grits.

via Behr Ultra Satin Paint and Primer in one Bench Test : The Blogging Painters.

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