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How to paint over wallpaper

How to paint over wallpaper

Every once in a while homeowner  either house painting or condo painting has to paint over  wood paneling in the basement or paint over  wallpaper in a room. The chances are you don’t want to get into a big construction job by removing all the paneling and then re-drywalling. Sometimes previous homeowners put paneling over bad drywall to cover up the bad condition of the drywall or wall. The walls might have lots of cracks and imperfections in it, that would make it harder to repair and it’s easier to simply just simply put paneling over and hide it but since handling is no longer in vogue or it has gotten discolored, yellow and dirty and it’s time to freshen up the room and make it lighter and brighter.

Basement wood paneling is very common in older homes. To start with I suggest priming the wood paneling to identify any cracks or holes or imperfections at which time you can either caulk in any cracks or imperfections and fill in nail holes. You could’ve seen prior to priming.

If you’re planning to paint over wallpaper I recommend you use a non-water-based primer to seal the wallpaper. Because if you use water-based primer it will bubble the paper creating you more difficulty. Once you have primed the wallpaper was either a shellac-based or a oil-based primer then you can do all you repairs whether it being wholesome in the drywall from pictures or bad wallpaper seams. You can plaster over all of these areas without worrying about bubbling up because you didn’t prime with special primer.

These are some of the reasons why a call “house painters Toronto” because they know what to do in these situations.

I have found a great little video on this that you might be interested in seeing on painting over wallpaper.

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