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Trunk -Blanket chest

Carpenters in Toronto

Recently after doing some interior carpentry we had some left over wood (hardwood) from a floor installation, and the floor color look so nice I thought it would be nice to build a trunk–blanket chest to complement the floor in the bedroom.

What more can you ask for than to have a trunk or blanket chest made of the same material as the floor.

A lot of thought is going to go into this trunk, blanket chest and beddings storage container.

The trunk or blanket chest is going to have to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

This blanket chest is going to have to be very easy to assemble.

It has to have ample room to store blankets and bed coverings along with pillows.

Now I know I can’t make a trunk or blanket chest for every single type of hardwood flooring color and hardwood board I can possibly make up a choice of a few different popular floor covering shades and colors.

trunk-blanket chest
trunk-blanket chest
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