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section discuss all the different aspects of a house painter and what they do. House painting consists of many different abilities.

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The house painter must be able to paint the house or condo in a neat and tidy and efficient way along both the homeowner and the contractor to achieve their goals. This meaning that the homeowner must get good quality at a good value paint job with no hassles and inconvenience.


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on the other hand must be able to perform the paint job quickly and efficiently so as to generate some profit from the painting contract.

Therefore it is a good idea to discuss the needs and requirements of a paint job whether it is a condo painting or a house painting. If the home has a lot of drywall damage and ceiling damage these must be taken into account in the overall price of the paint job. It takes time material and energy to repair damaged drywall such as fixing holes and cracks or fixing

stucco ceiling, stucco ceiling removal.

Or possibly the previous owner had left a bunch of holes from shelving or some permanent fixture attached to the walls. These holes or damages have to be plastered all over sanded primed and then painted at an extra cost over and above a regular paint job.

Access to painting

Job coordination has to take place whenever the home is lived in to be able to coordinate which rooms to paint first and in what order. The homeowner has to be able to coordinate what and where to put the furniture if there is too much furniture in the room. Sometimes the homeowner will actually move out while the paint job is being performed. This usually happens when the homes are just being bought or just being sold.

What Type of paints to use?

You want to get what you pay for and paint. If you buy cheap inexpensive low-quality paint you think you are saving money but you are not. Cheap paint doesn’t not go as far per gallon you don’t get as much square footage a gallon of paint as you would with high-quality premium paint. When you decide to use cheap paint you will not only have to buy more paint you will also have to do more additional coats for the paint to look good. A high-quality premium paint might cost you more but you will have less work to do and possibly you will not use much paint per square foot.

Preparing to paint

This all depends on the condition of what is being painted and how you want it to look in the end. If this is a paint job in a high-end home you will have to carefully sand and caulk and putty any dents to a smooth finish. Fill in the gaps and cracks with expandable latex caulking carefully not to smear caulking on to the painted wood. Each and every individual coat of paint will be lightly sanded between coats to ensure that there is no specs of dust in the paint. The final coat should come out very smooth and even.

Room cleanup

After the rooms have been painted each room should have everything put back into place the way it was originally and the floor should be cleaned/vacuumed for dust.

Additional services offered by the painting contractor.

Some painting contractors will offer additional services such as carpentry work. Carpenter work such as removing and installing new baseboards or installing crown molding by the ceiling or remove and installed new doors and window casings.

In the summer months it is also quite busy with repairing and building wood decks on the exterior of houses. Some decks need power washing ?and staining. In some cases the whole will need to have the exterior wood deck removed and rebuilt. In many cases all the floorboards from over the years have rotted and decayed to the point where they are unsafe to stand on. The carpenter will go out remove these boards and replace them with fresh new cedar or pressure-treated boards.

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