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toronto painting contractors

Toronto painting contractors and carpenters. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have their carpentry and painting done by the same contractor.

  • You wouldn’t have to have 2 different contractors coming to your home to do 2 different jobs.
  • The contractor will be well acquainted with the surroundings and the homeowner.
  • Quality of work will be at a higher level because the carpentry work is ensured to be top quality, because he knows he will have to paint it also and this makes for sure a very well polished finish.

With these different considerations it is wise to get interior finish contractor who does both painting and carpentry at the same time.

For example if a homeowner would like to have some wainscoting installed into the dining room he would know that the job would be done from start to finish by the same people.

A sample installation would be as the following pictures:


 Dining room before carpentry and painting
Dining room before carpentry and painting.
 Finish carpentry done and primed.
Dining room after carpentry

 carpentry finished and painted in dining room
Carpentry finished and painted in dining room

This is a sample of what you might expect from a painting and carpentry contractor. The work is professionally done and there is no wasting of time between when the carpentry work is completed and when the painter can come in. Also you know for sure the quality of work will be it’s finest because the painter will have done a good preparation work with carpentry.
Other work that a painter can do quite easily would be to remove and install baseboards, nail them on nicely ensuring that there are no mismatches between the different pieces of wood and that there is no gaps between the wall and the baseboard and if there is to neatly and accurately fill in the gaps.
Where a proper carpentry job is done it is easier for the painter to cover it with paint. When trim work is painted it shows all the deficiencies in defects in the wood so therefore if the wood is in perfect condition and prepared properly the painted trim work will look excellent.


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