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Toronto Painting Company

Toronto Painting 

 Toronto house painting company
Toronto house painting contractor

One of the most caring painting companies around.Toronto painting has been in the house painting business since 1979 in Toronto Ontario. Since then since then we have conglomerate with other cities creating the GTA which encompasses boroughs and cities like Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Rexdale, Scarborough, and of course Toronto, Brampton. I hope I got this right but anyhow these are the cities which we service.

When someone calls us for interior painting or exterior house painting we start:

Olger Fallas Painting Stripping Wall Paper at ...
Toronto Painters covering kitchen cabinets from paint spatter


· making sure that they are furniture is either removed from the room or covered with plastic sheeting

· we carefully cover the entire floor to prevent any spills or spray damages

· we remove all switch covers

Preparing for painting:

· we inspect the surfaces to be painted and Mark the spots that need to be repaired

· nail holes from pictures and cracks will be filled with compound

· remove all hardware from doors if they will be painted

· Sand all plastered surfaces smooth and then spot prime

After painting:

· we put back all your major furniture

Bryn helps arrange furniture
Toronto Painters helps arrange furniture.

· we will remove all masking tapes

· replace all switch covers and electrical covers

· put back all your door hardware

· carefully remove all the plastics from your furniture

· pickup carefully drop sheets from your floor making sure that we fold the drop sheets inwards not allowing any debris to land on your floor

Reasons to Use  Torontopainters.org, Your Toronto painting company.

· we have professionally been in business since 1979

· we are living and based out of Toronto Ontario

· we take care of your property the same way we would take care of our own

· we do what we promised

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