Toronto Painters Painting Photo Gallery

?House Painting And Condo Painting

Please have a look at our ?house painting and condo painting gallery. These are pictures that we have taken on some of our painting projects we have done in the GTA, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville.

You will see most of our home painting projects involved in the home order rearranging and replacing some of the furnishings in the rooms therefore we were not able to put all the furniture back together in the room to take a picture of it as a completed room. We do offer to put all furniture?back the way we got. All furniture and furnishings including bookshelves with books on them and pictures on the walls will be protected by plastic coverings carefully placed not to damage the wall or the picture.

All floors will be covered appropriately with quality drop sheets and drop cloths that don’t leak spilled paint through the material onto the floor or carpet.

After the paint job is complete and we put all their furniture back, we clean up by cleaning the floors and vacuuming to ensure when the property in the best condition possible.

You’ll see in some of the pictures we have our painters painting walls and ceilings, priming and painting baseboards. You also see that we do stucco ceiling repairs and painting.

We also do carpentry work such as install baseboards and doors not just paint doors and baseboards.

You will also see we do wood deck repairs and building and deck staining and power washing. We also include fence repairs and fence gate repairs also staining of fences and gates.

We specialize in kitchen cabinet painting where we can make an ugly kitchen into a beautiful surrounding. We can change a dull looking natural finish into a vibrant brown matching the color of your hardwood floor.

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