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Choosing paint colors
Choosing paint colors and painting nicely with a good brush.

Choosing the right paint colour is one of the most important things that you can do. Colour sets the ambiance of the room. Whatever mood you want to feel in a particular room can be achieved simply by choosing the right colour. However, for many people this is very challenging. Toronto painters works closely with all of their clients to ensure that the customer gets exactly the outcome that they desire.

Toronto Painters and Others Share Their Colour Choice Tips

Toronto painters specialists say “don’t be afraid of colour”. Think about the furniture pieces that you have and take a look at both complimentary and contrasting colours. Both will of course work, but here is where you set the ambiance. If for example you are looking for a calming mood you will want to go with more monotone complimentary colours, whereas if you want energy then contrasting colours are the way to go.

Just think about what your room is most lacking in terms of visual depth (examples: an accent color, varied texture, more light, a dose of bold pattern) and/or what it really needs to be more comfortable (examples: curtains you can close at night, a standing lamp to read by, a place to store the magazines, cushy pillows for napping on the sofa). The goal is to come up with a decor “pairing” that will attempt to fulfill some of these needs for the space. via Day 8: Choose Your Paint Color & Think About a Decor “Pairing …

Before making any kind of committment make sure that you do some test swatches on the wall. This is a very effective strategy as it gives you a visual of what the final result will look like. Quite often two or three swatches on the wall side-by-side is all you need. One of the colours will always stand out more than the others, but there is a downside as well.

Mark Chamberlain of shares the following…

‘One of the big mistakes a lot of people make when choosing colors for a space is trying out too many colors at one time. In my opinion, if you put too many colors up on the wall at once, all you?re really looking at is a mosaic or a quilt. The colors start to form new relationships with one another, and the eye doesn?t know how to sort them out”. via A Pro Tip for Picking the Perfect Paint Color Color Therapy …

Also, remember the colours look very different under certain lighting conditions. For example, colours will look very different in the store versus your home because of the florescent lighting.

For the love of all things beautiful, DO NOT go straight to your local home improvement store, choose a color under those horrific lights, buy two gallons and tote it home. Please. Your walls thank you in advance. via 10 Awesome Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color

Another way to approach paint colour is through the process of elimination. Cyndy from the Creative Exchange says, “this is a much easier way to get to the perfect colour”.

One of the main elements that has really helped me more than anything in choosing paint colors is that instead of focusing on the various shades of a color that I like, I change my focus and eliminate what I don?t like about a color. This makes the process so much easier and I automatically eliminate different elements that I will go into below that make my final color choices obvious. via The Creative Exchange – Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Paint Colour

Toronto painters also suggest that you consider the other colours that you have throughout the house. The overall colours of the home should work together giving a unified theme. It becomes confusing to the mind and can negatively affect your mood if the colours clash.

According to LiveLoveDiy…

“Pick similar colors throughout the house. I chose several similar colors that complement each other and then used them repeatedly throughout the house. It gives the entire house a really cohesive feel and just kinda makes everything flow and make sense”. via LiveLoveDIY: How To Choose Paint Colors: 5 Tips To Help You …

Closing Comments from Toronto Painters

“Don’t be afraid of changing colour in your home” says Vic Nagy one of Toronto painters experts. Quite often people seem to get in a rut or simply just get used to the same colours using them over and over again. If you are not sure than Toronto painters will walk through the steps with you to make sure that you get exactly the right colours.

Lastly, don’t forget to use social media to help you research and get ideas. and Pinterest are great options. Once you find things that you like show them to?Toronto painters experts?so they can see exactly what your style and preferences are. This is a great starting point and in no time you will be ready to choose the right paint colour for your home.



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