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House painting contractor Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Brampton

House painting contractor Toronto

Toronto Painters are actively working here in the GTA for households who want to repaint their homes quickly in a timely fashion. It is not something that is done inexpensively and effortlessly. House painting is one of those things that eventually has to get done for a few different reasons. We are a painting company that only uses professional paint in the Toronto area with years of experience. One of our tricks to success is using quality paint such as Benjamin Moore.

 Toronto house painting on damaged walls repair

are often the cause for the need to repaint. This damage could have been caused by moving furniture around in the room scratching indenting the wall or a doorknob going through the wall. Sometimes water damage can cause bubbling and flaking of the paint separating away from the wall. These all require drywall repair, priming, painting. Execution of the preparation work is vital for a successful paint job. A professional drywall repair that integrates seamlessly into the existing wall is necessary. If the repair is done badly if the plaster was not sanded or there was not enough plaster and taping done the paint job will not look good. We always include small drywall repairs which are things like small holes in the wall from nails and picture hanging or minor cracks. If there are larger cracks that require more comprehensive drywall or such as taping this will be discussed in the painting  project. Obviously there is no sense in doing a beautiful paint job over top of bad drywall that needs repairs.

 Toronto house Painting
Toronto house Painting in high area painting on extension ladder top of the wall.

How Much Will It Cost to Paint The House

This is depending of course on first of all the size of the home. If everything is in pristine condition and all our good professional painters have to do is go in and paint an empty house, there would be a lot different charges, if the house is totally packed with furniture, pictures, carpets and appliances and a multitude of things to move around and cover. We have painted some properties where it took an hour just to move the furniture around in a room moving some of the furniture out of the room. This took time to do and we have to pay for the time it takes for the professional house painter to move the furniture out of harm’s way.

The condition of the house is also a contributing factor to the cost to paint the house. Obviously the more repairs there is the more time it takes which will ultimately increase the cost of the painting work.

Will there be a color change?

If the rooms are painted dark and they have to be repainted white that it will require extra coats of paint to achieve proper full coverage. No one wants to see through to the original coat of paint. When you paint a room a specific color you want it to be a solid color and sometimes it will take more paint to achieve this. Any time when we are summoned to do Toronto house painting we offer color consultations before we start.

Will this be a paint job including

all the doors, walls, ceilings and baseboards? Most people when they asked for a complete paint job of their home they wanted included everything except the ceiling. They feel that the ceiling will look good enough as is. Ceiling painting comparatively speaking is more costly than wall painting for obvious reasons as you can imagine. This is especially so if the ceiling has never been painted. Ceiling painting on a new popcorn ceiling has to be first of all painted with an oil-based paint if it is done manually with the paint roller. This process alone can add a considerable amount of cost to paint the house.

Toronto’s painting also serves areas in Mississauga, Oakville, and Richmond Hill

###For more information, contact them at 416-568-3547. Or send them a message at for further details. Be a part of their growing list of happy clients today! A huge difference is what to expect along the way.

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