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Toronto house painters

have just posted a house painting special pricing on Kijiji. Our painting offer also includes top-quality premium brand paints. We base our special pricing on 1 gallon of paint usage per room additional paint for larger rooms will cost more obviously.

Our room preparation consists of covering all furniture and floors and moving furniture around in the room to facilitate painting of the walls.

House painting

in the rooms first starts with preparation work which is included. We prepare all the walls with spot plastering such as nail holes from pictures and cracks around Windows and door frames. This is included in the price if there are any more serious drywall repairs they will be charged as an extra.

Drywall repairs

will be sanded smooth to the wall and primed. This is important because if it is not sanded properly there will be either a bump on the wall or there will be a depression either one is no good and they do show up in various lighting conditions.

Finish painting

will be performed next. We apply two coats of top-quality paints such as Benjamin Moore or Pittsburgh Manor Hall and sometimes Sherwin-Williams paint. Using top-quality paints ensures that you are getting a paint that is long-lasting and fade resistant and sometimes washable depending on which type of paint you are having installed.

Painting inspection is performed before we start our cleanup making sure that everything looks good and paint is covering properly and that there are no runs or paint sags or paint misses. When we are satisfied that the paint job looks perfect then we start doing our clean.

Painting work cleanup is done by picking up all the drop sheets and plastic from the floor and furniture carefully making sure that nothing falls off the drop sheet, drywall dust and paint chips. We carefully fold up our drop sheets taking care not to get any dirt on the floor making it easier for us to clean up afterwards.

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