This Toronto house painter should work at McD’s

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A while ago a customer from downtown Toronto requested us?to do a painting quote. they just let go of a painter who was doing a crappy paint job.

A painter painting a room in a house
A painter painting a room in a house (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This ?toronto house painter arrived at different hours of the day to start painting ?the customers house, ?it was quite irregular working times. This house painter was not punctual and reliable and his painting work showed it.

The customer said that this ?this painter was nice enough guy but he couldn’t get the job done properly.

When I walked in and after talking for a few minutes with the customer and they got to know me and who I am and what my painting company was all about they went ahead and presented me with a re-paint schedule, of all the things that the previous painter had painted and had to be repainted and/or repaired and then painted.

The letter stated

upper floor:

? bedroom number one walls and woodwork (doors both sides, window frames, baseboards, door frames)?Plastering and ? sanding

? master bedroom same as above? Plastering and ? sanding

? bedroom number 3 same as above? plastering and sanding

? bedroom number 4 same as above? Plastering and sanding

? master bathroom walls, woodwork and vanity doors both sides and edging

? family bathroom, vanity cupboards and edging ?both sides, plastering, caulking, removing old caulking around sink.

? Hallway upstairs to complete not done painting yet


Main floor

? powder room?

EAST4 Underconstruction : Painting work
Room painting

, complete doors both sides and walls, clustering and sanding down old mistakes.

? Kitchen painting, complete? Ceiling, cupboards, inside doors and outer doors, baseboards, plastering, sanding.

? Family room painting walls and stucco ceiling fixing stucco ceiling and re-stucco ?the ceiling

? family room? Painting walls and stucco ceiling, Fixing stucco ceiling repair and re-stucco ?the ceiling, finish the baseboards.

? ?living room? Painting walls, stucco ceiling and fix stucco ceiling, complete baseboard painting.

? dining room? Ceiling and all the walls and baseboards to complete

? main floor hallway and stucco ceiling, plastering walls, sending plastering entrance wall corners and sanding

basement stairway/staircase?

Baby Room, sanded walls
sanded walls

, ?caulking baseboards


Never in my life did I ever have such a massive complaint like this one, I feel sorry for this painter he really shouldn’t be in the house painting business maybe he should be working at McDonald’s or something.

If you want a trouble-free quick house painting done on time and on price give us a call. We are located on Lakeland Avenue in Toronto Ontario and can service anywhere in the GTA (greater Toronto area)

Our painting services include all kinds of interior and exterior painting, interior walls and ceilings and all the trim work in your ?home such as baseboards, doors and windows. We also do carpentry work such as installing baseboards and doors and window frames and also we rebuild and repair decks and patios also fences and gates.

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