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toronto home renovations beautiful house paint colors

Choosing your house paint colors is a personal taste preference. If you’ve been contemplating on some type of home renovation but you’re on a budget you might consider house paint colors as a cheap and easy way to do your home renovations.
You have to take into account the styling and layout of your home (whether these are open spaces with plenty of lighting or they are small boxed in rooms with limited amount of lighting).

One of the ways to give your old home and fresh look at little cost investment is to transform your hallways and stairways. This is the main artery of your home where you pass through to different areas of the house. The hallway and stairways connect to everything such as your kitchen and dining room and laundry room also powder room, family room, den and so on. And of course when you go upstairs there are large walls around the staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. This can also be painted in different ways and designs to give the staircase a totally different look and give your home fresh feel .

beautiful house paint colours
A very light pastel sage color fits anything. I

Some ideas for staircases to change them from dull and boring to stunning and exciting is by painting them “sage green” this is a very versatile color that fits most homes.

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