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Toronto Decks

Toronto decks

this is the time of year when everyone is outside enjoying their backyard and decks. If a homeowner does a regular maintenance on their wood decks and fences they will increase the life of the deck or fence by a few years. The number one problem with most decks that I have seen it and they allow a buildup of organic materials. This organic material after a while decomposes, rots and makes a black surface. Like anywhere else in the house you have to clean your floors same as your deck floor. The deck floor outside can get even dirtier sooner because the constant traffic and elements affecting it.

People take the way their deck looks for granted and don’t wash it to maintain its good looks. All it takes to wash it is deck washing soap especially formulated for wood decks which you can buy at most stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s or Rona. Then all you need to do is spray the cleaner on let it sit for a while working on the dirt and then scrub it with a special deck scrubbing brush and then afterwards rinse it off with your regular garden hose. Doing this process will eliminate premature deterioration of your deck. Most Toronto decks and Mississauga decks, Richmond Hill decks suffer from this type of situation that we have worked on.


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