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maintenance program.
Well it’s getting to be about that time again, it’ll be time to start cleaning up all the winter debris off and around your deck. This winter might have been a little tougher on it because of extreme weather we had this year.

The same type of situation occurs here as does with the roads, and that is potholes. These are created by water getting in between cracks and holes and then splitting more open. And the more often that we have a thaw and freeze the more the wood will be damaged.


Power washing decks.

This is an important aspect of deck maintenance, which we offer as a service (Power washing and staining decks and fences). When you power wash ?your deck you remove all kinds of sediment and dirt that allow for weeds to grow in and insects to live in .Therefore it is a good idea to power wash your deck. They should be done every fall to remove your leaves that will eventually crumble and turn into dirt which will make a good home for a variety of things. At the least you should sweep off the deck and with a deck brush, wash the deck off and scrub out the dirt.


Inspecting for bad or rotting boards.

In the springtime preparing your deck should be easier. Wash your deck off again from all the winter leftovers. Start a thorough inspection all the way around your wood deck to make sure that all things are the way they should be. Check to see if any railings or steps have gotten loose or any floor boards on the deck floor have loosened or moved. Look at all the ?fasteners whether they were screws or nails and make sure that they are screwed in tight or hammered back in flush to the wood. Generally when nails get loose and start pulling out it’s not a good idea to put the mail back in exactly the same hole again because it will come on again. It is best to insert the nail in a different location or instead of using a nail use a screw.

Check your boards to make sure that they are not rotting, sometimes the board looks good with a layer of paint or stain on it camouflaging the deteriorated wood underneath. Sometimes it is as easy as pushing your finger into the wood and seeing if you’re finger will penetrate the board and if so the boards need to be replaced.

If you are complete with your inspection of your deck and everything looks fine this would be a good time to apply a Touch up coat of stain to your deck. The deck at this time should be in its cleanest state. As the spring will roll along and you start using the deck it will be more difficult to do any work on it. So plan ahead to make your deck maintenance as easy as possible.

In some situations where the Home owner inspects the deck and finds that there are a lot of areas that need wood repairs and fresh boards and possibly the floor joists are giving way. It is wise to call us at Toronto deck repairs and ask for Vic for a deck repair estimate .

For deck repairs re- building steps and railings and replacing boards,

Power washing and staining decks

and fences and fence gates call now for an estimate.

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