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Toronto condo painters tips

Toronto condo painters tips

Toronto Painters

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we received a lot of requests for painting condos here in Toronto and Mississauga. A lot of these request for painting are for basically two different reasons.


Home staging


This is when the owner is trying to sell the condo and has to make it look good to show to the prospective homebuyer. When a condo has been lived in for years a few things happen to  the walls and trim.

· Scuff marks start occurring (this is a very untidy look)

· discoloration and yellowing of the original paint color

· walls and trim and get dirty

· walls develop cracks

· nail holes from pictures in walls

· trim work and baseboard separating from walls need caulking and filling

To show the condo in its best possible light it is best to paint the entire condo a “cloud white” color called CC 40 from Benjamin Moore paints. This will allow the room to have some color yet be so neutral that it does not offend anyone’s taste and allows a new home prospective buyer to imagine what color they want to paint it

Also by painting everything including trim and doors with the same type of paint, this detracts from any irregularities and blemishes. Furthermore it allows the room to look larger and brighter and newer and fresher.


Condo painting

toronto condo painters paint prep
toronto condo painters paint prep covering up


By the homeowner to repaint the rooms to give the condo a different feel and newer look. Usually, does come in a basic light from the builder. After a while and the new owner settles in they will want to repeat the condo their own colors. Most condos will have to have two coats of paint applied and sometimes three because the original paint that was applied by the painting contractor was not a very good paint for sealing the w

Painting and redecorating the condo can be done  In stages especially at the condo is full of furniture not allowing the entire condo to be painted at the same time. The condo painting contractor will paint one or two rooms at a time, moving the furniture to the adjacent rooms while painting.

Feature walls

can be done to highlight areas of interest and can definitely create good contrast and interest to a room. This means then that the basic color could be white with some feature walls as accents creating a nice open feel (white makes a space look larger) yet give the room some interesting character.


Interesting word of warning for some condos:

My neighbour just informed me that if I want to paint or wallpaper the inside of my condo I have to inform the condo board in writing.

via Condo Culture: Can my building forbid me from painting my unit? | National Post.

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