Top 4 Condo Painting Tips

Condo Painting Tips


It is becoming more and more difficult to find a good place to live in big cities. As a result, condo units are becoming more prevalent and popular. Most people who own a condo unit personalize their condo with attractive d?cor to give it a welcoming feel. One of the best ways and most economical is to personalize a condo unit by giving it a fresh coat of paint. However, you need to choose the paint color wisely and make sure that it matches the colors of your condo?s furnishings. Read these top 4 condo painting tips to ensure that you will get the right paint colors for your new condo unit.


Bright Colors can give you the illusion of expanded Space.

If your condo unit feels too small, consider choosing bright paint colors to extend the space of the rooms. Bright but neutral colors such as pale taupe, white, and cream can make a room feel bigger. Darker colors can make rooms feel closed in and small. But of course one must consider the lighting available in each room or area. Low lighting will even affect a bright light colored room.


Be True to your Taste

Choosing the right color for you

A good condo painting tip is to be true to your taste. One of the common mistakes that people make when they are choosing a color is that they try to copy the look of condo units in look-books and magazine pictures. When choosing a color for your condo, choose the colors that you really want. If you simply copy the look of the condos that you see in pictures, you might end up regretting your choice later because your condo does not look anything like the ones in the picture. You must realize that your condo is different so just be true to your taste and choose the colors that match your furnishings, clothing, and other personal belongings.


Create Balance with the Colors

At this point, you may already have chosen some colors for your new condo painting. However, you must also make sure that you choose other colors that will create balance with your selected colors. For instance, if you chose to paint a wall with a deep shade of ocher, you should offset that color by painting the adjacent walls in a softer hue of ocher. If you prefer to paint everything in the same hue, then choose a neutral color such as pale grey, cream, or white. If you want more distinct color tones, you should partner them with complementary colors that help rest your eyes.


Keep It Simple

A condo unit that is painted with a few simple or basic colors usually looks better than one that is painted with advanced colors. Putting too many colors together may spoil the overall design of the condo and prevent you from getting the look and feel that you want. Most condo units are too small to handle many different colors, so it is better to use only a few simple or basic colors when painting your condo. You can use different hues of those basic colors so that your condo won?t look too simple. Browse the internet for some simple condo design themes, choose one, and then stick to it.

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