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Paint what you like : Hire a professional painter for a full day!
Includes :  Up to 8 hours of painting to be completed the same day.
Site visitation fee of $50.00 will be included when signing up for hire a painter for a day service, or whenever the deal  will be signed within a 30 day period.

Painting work that you might consider when you are hiring a painter for a day.

· Interior wall painting

· drywall repairs (most homeowners can do a drywall repair if it is just simply plugging a hole for hanging pictures and other small little holes are cracks but when it comes to larger holes such as when a doorknob goes through a wall or there were some damages to drywall they don’t have the know-how and experience to be able to make the drywall repair flat and smooth so it does not show up through the paint job)

· bathroom painting (this is a place where intricate brushwork has to be done around places like the mirror and bathroom lights on the wall and above and around the vanity, there is certain amount of preparation work prior to painting such as caulking. Many cases the homeowner had put silicone which is a non-paintable substance around bathtubs and vanities making it hard to impossible to paint. This silicone caulking has to be removed first and prepared prior to repainting the surface)

· bedroom painting

· living room painting

Many homeowners often times require a painter with a steady hand and painting skill to paint feature walls. Feature wall needs a straight line where it connects to the adjacent wall.

· Ceiling painting (most people don’t like to do this because it is hard work and care has to be taken not to paint the walls)

· Baseboard painting (this is also a difficult task to make sure that that there is a nice smooth even paint line between the wall and the baseboard and no paint gets on the carpet or hardwood flooring.)

Condo Painting a small bachelor condo or apartment consisting of three rooms wall painting would only be $450.

These are some of the things that torontopainters get called for under regular basis. We have had homeowners with a list of to do’s of this nature that was completed in one day that they have been thinking about and got painted.

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Stucco ceiling repair

Textured Ceiling Repair

stucco ceiling spraying
stucco ceiling spraying

There are a lot of reasons you’re popcorn ceiling requires repair work.

You could have had water damages from a leaking roof covering or an upstairs restroom commode or bath tub overflow or potentially also damaged or dripping plumbing system pipelines.

In some cases it could simply be a water stain/tarnish in the stucco, when this occurs we often spray “kilz” stain blocker likewise a similar product  you can use would  be “bin“. There are various other stain/tarnish blockers called Benjamin Moore’s “SPS”  stain/tarnish blocker are the most popular brands. This is essential to make certain that you have the tarnish entirely secured with these items before working with the tarnished location in your stucco ceiling.if the blackened area is recognizable, we touch it up with white paint if it has actually been repainted in the past.

If the  ceiling has  never ever been painted, then spraying with an aerosol is the only way to safely apply the white paint due to the fact that this does not soften and smoosh  the stucco around as the stucco obtains moist from the paint it will certainly moisten up and somewhat liquefy and you do don’t want this.

On one occasion we had to contend with a butchered ceiling by the electrician. Electrician was hired to install a bunch of pot lights into an existing  ceiling. Since electrician is not a drywall specialist nor a stucco repair man the attempts that he did in stucco repair and spray were horrendous. We first of all had to sand smooth flat to the ceiling all the places that he had made an attempt at stucco spraying and drywall repairs. Then we have to prime the entire ceiling to make it consistent throughout. With all the pot lights removed we spot sprayed lightly the flat plastered areas to give it a quick light texture of stucco. Since the rest the ceiling was already stuccoed it did not need as much fresh stucco as if it were a bare drywall ceiling. What the areas that were fresh needed two coats to make it look good.

Once the spot sprayed stucco had set we proceeded on spraying a light coat of stucco spray on the entire ceiling quickly giving a uniform look.

“Toronto painters” is your  ceiling specialists in repairs and stucco ceiling removal and drywall repairs serving Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Richmond Hill .

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