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Paint what you like : Hire a professional painter for a full day!
Includes :  Up to 8 hours of painting to be completed the same day.
Site visitation fee of $50.00 will be included when signing up for hire a painter for a day service, or whenever the deal  will be signed within a 30 day period.

Painting work that you might consider when you are hiring a painter for a day.

· Interior wall painting

· drywall repairs (most homeowners can do a drywall repair if it is just simply plugging a hole for hanging pictures and other small little holes are cracks but when it comes to larger holes such as when a doorknob goes through a wall or there were some damages to drywall they don’t have the know-how and experience to be able to make the drywall repair flat and smooth so it does not show up through the paint job)

· bathroom painting (this is a place where intricate brushwork has to be done around places like the mirror and bathroom lights on the wall and above and around the vanity, there is certain amount of preparation work prior to painting such as caulking. Many cases the homeowner had put silicone which is a non-paintable substance around bathtubs and vanities making it hard to impossible to paint. This silicone caulking has to be removed first and prepared prior to repainting the surface)

· bedroom painting

· living room painting

Many homeowners often times require a painter with a steady hand and painting skill to paint feature walls. Feature wall needs a straight line where it connects to the adjacent wall.

· Ceiling painting (most people don’t like to do this because it is hard work and care has to be taken not to paint the walls)

· Baseboard painting (this is also a difficult task to make sure that that there is a nice smooth even paint line between the wall and the baseboard and no paint gets on the carpet or hardwood flooring.)

Condo Painting a small bachelor condo or apartment consisting of three rooms wall painting would only be $450.

These are some of the things that torontopainters get called for under regular basis. We have had homeowners with a list of to do’s of this nature that was completed in one day that they have been thinking about and got painted.

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Bedroom Painted

Bedroom Painting: Why painting matters

Bedroom painting

There is nothing like walking into a freshly painted bedroom. It gives you the same feeling as if you’re walking into a very nice hotel room. You look around with excitement and feeling of being in a different place.

Something as simple as a freshly painted bedroom which you might have been looking at for years and years and thinking about changing something to make it look different.

For example I just repainted our bedroom after my wife had complained that she needed to change in her life. Believe it or not that made her feel better overall because it gave her a sense of something new in her life. It was the same old bedroom but with a new paint job. The colors that were on our walls in our bedroom were sort of a rosy color slightly on the darker side with a billiard green paisley border. This was nice at the time but it’s dated.

Going from a mid tone wall to a brighter off-white and in this case the wall was a mixture of yellow and gray but very light so it seemed like a faded cement type color. This type of color reflects light very well and gives the living space a more open look and feel while contrasting to the white trim work such as the window frame and the doorframe. The trim work should be a super white to make a good enough contrast to make it pop.

The room before when you turn the light on at nighttime obviously lit the room but with the new paint job it really illuminated the room almost like we put a more powerful lightbulb in there.

Next there will be a crown molding installed which I will do when I feel like it. This will give the room some more interior decoration. Something like hanging more pictures but there is not that much empty space on the walls to be able to place pictures without making the wall looking crowded. But adding the crown molding is a subtle enhancement to the looks of the room. This is will be on my next project fixing up the bedroom.

A typical building in Havana, Cuba, is beautiful but in need of paint. It may seem insignificant, but paint does more to brighten our hearts than any other single building feature.Painting is about empowering spaces and structures so they make us feel good, says home improvement expert Steve Maxwell.

Source: House Works: Why painting matters

Painter Rolling paint on wall above window

7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter

How To Get Cheap Paint Jobs

Toronto House Painting Company

tries lower your house painting costs with a few special painting offers for cheaper painting jobs.

The biggest cost saver in painting a house or room is the amount of time spent preparing to paint the room. There are different ways of trying to save money and make it easier for the painter to do his job.

Obviously the first thing is if the room could be empty completely just leaving the bare walls. This is a great timesaver because truly the only time spent in this room would be strictly for painting. Generally painting an average size bedroom would take about three hours for two coats of paint.

Empty House

If the entire home is empty there could be a great savings for the homeowner. This would be the same as painting a new home empty of any furnishings.

Another house painting cost saving tips is trying to schedule the paint job on the off-season where the painter is not as busy because of having to also schedule into their busy schedule exterior paint jobs. Most people for some reason want to do their inter-house painting in the summer. This could be due to a number of reasons such as having the windows open to ventilate paint fumes, the painting project will coincide with the vacation, there is more daylight.

Same paint can: material and color.

This is a great timesaver because it would save the time of changing over paint cans two different colors and cleaning brushes and rollers. If a house has four bedrooms and each bedroom has a different paint color there is a good chance that it would take about 15 or 20 minutes to change over to the next paint. The paint tray has to be cleaned out and rollers and brushes have to be also cleaned out so they do not contaminate the next paint color.

Closet Painting

And other money-saving tactic is not to paint the closets because it takes a longer period of time proportionally to paint the closet than it does the paint four walls in an empty room.

Remove Wallpaper

If the home has wallpaper installed on any rooms or hallways it is best to have the homeowner remove the paper because it is a time-consuming process which will eat up a lot of the paint budget. Removing the wallpaper in some cases might be difficult where the homeowner could not remove it. But in other cases the wallpaper has been installed professionally make it easy to be removed at a later date.

Wall Repair

Wall preparation, should really be done by the painter to ensure good quality painting work in the end. But if there are some rough wall repairs to be done, again not really the scope of a painting contractor they should be done prior to the regular house painting procedure. Small holes and cracks are easily and normally a part of wall painting but anything larger than that should be taken care of prior to painting to save money.


Another great painting savings tip would be to paint the entire house the same colo

Source: 7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter

Painting Your Home Tips

Save Money by Investing In Quality Paints

Painting Your Home Tips

Spend less on paint. Buy the expensive stuff.

A collection of cans of paint and other relate...
A collection of cans of paint and other related materials. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Local Toronto painting company  

We always  thought for a while we would make more money by using cheap paint by saving on the paint. But it didn’t take long to figure out that we are wasting time and money on cheap paint.

Cheap inexpensive paint is watery and does not cover well. Obviously this is because they do not put any quality additives. And it is the additives that cost in a can of paint. The additives help spread rate of the paint and the coverage the paint has and of course the quality of the dried product its resistance to wear, sunlight and washing.

When a house painter is using cheap paint he will have to paint the house or room with an extra few coats of paint for it to cover and work well. And if that is the case the extra material bought will make up for the difference buying a more expensive brand of paint such as Benjamin Moore regal or the Sherwin-Williams emerald line or even the Pittsburgh Manor Hall line. These are high quality professional paints.

Not to mention that using the higher-end paints are also to be honest with you much easier to paint with. When you pass over a area with the paintbrush for example 90% coverage over the area you’re going over and when you bring to your brush back smoothing out the paint you will get the other 10% coverage and this is excellent and what the painters looking for which is efficiency for either the brush or roller. But when you have a cheap paint you might have to go over the same spot a couple times for it to cover properly and even so it might not.

There is not a whole heck of a lot of difference between a cheap/inexpensive paint compared to the top line quality interior paint. For example you might buy a can of Behr paint from Home Depot for $45 which is not half as good as Benjamin Moore regal paint which is approximately $60. Torontopainters find that using the Home Depot Behr paint it ends up sagging and you have to work it a couple times to make sure that it lays flat without drips or drops.

Good-quality paint lasts longer and works out cheaper over time … not to mention the fact that it is easy to apply and looks great! Look at your local hardware store for mistints — the term refers to perfectly good paint which was tinted to order, but turned out not to be the color the original customer had in mind. It’s subsequently sold for a fraction of sticker price. If you’re planning to paint two or more rooms, choose a neutral hue and invest in a 5-gallon container (it’s cheaper than purchasing five individual gallon cans). Or check in with your local recycling and hazardous household waste center to see whether they have any unwanted paint to give away. And don’t forget to prime; primer is relatively inexpensive and will make your pricy paint go much further. Whatever amount you spend, be sure to use low- to no-VOC paint, for the sake of your indoor air quality.

Source: Painting Your Home? 5 Ways to Save Money and Hassle | KFXV Fox 2 News

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home decorating tips

Home Decorating Essentials

   Home Decorating Tips

home decorating tips
Home decorating tips kept simple and basic nothing too fancy.

Home decorating tips: must not be an exhaustive task for you.  In fact, it should be a relaxing experience – a therapeutic task if you allow it to be.  Make use of the opportunity as a creative outlet.  However, there are times when you tend to go overboard and the design ends up an eyesore.  Here are some of the things that you can do and some things that you need to avoid in your interior decorating project:

Familiarize yourself with the floor plan.  Make sure that you have the correct dimensions of the room, the windows, and doors.  Take into consideration the placement of your would-be furniture so they do not block out electrical outlets or hamper the traffic in your house.  Never forget to take this floor plan with you when you go shopping.

Know your taste and style.  It is important that you arm yourself with a bit of information on how you could incorporate your personal style as you decorate your home.  You can start by looking at magazines and attending an open house to give you an idea.

House decorating ideas: should allow you to mix and match your decorations with your furniture and the overall look of your house.  It is important that know what paint colors would go best with your furniture and vice versa.

If you are working on a certain theme, keep this in mind when you go shop so that you do not go on a buying spree.  You should practice restraint and keep with the essentials first.  This would ensure that you do not add more clutter in your house.

When buying a decorative piece, it should be something that you could talk about when friends ask you about it.  It should not be something that you’d say you bought in a store because it looks nice.

Always consider the function of the room.  Remember, form follows function.

Interior Painting decorating need not be expensive.  You can opt to have do-it-yourself decors.

Furniture should be of high quality because it is something that you would use most of the time.  However, it would be best if you would mix expensive items with modest goods so they do not look pretentiously sticking out across a room.

One consequence of home decorating is that sometimes it becomes too personal that everything in the house reflects who you are.  This may pose a difficulty when friends would visit you.  It is best if you could keep personal items in areas that are private, like your room or your den.

It is alright if you want to design your home according to an existing design trend but you need to keep in mind that this trend may become obsolete in a few years time.  If you want, you can apply this trend in one area of your house while keeping the rest of the house in a timeless design.

House decorating does not have fast and steadfast rules but sometimes it is still best to follow the basics.

Selecting Indoor Paint Colors

 Paint Colors

condo painting contractors working on a condo
we cover all the floors when we think your walls


is the most convenient and most affordable method to update a room’s look. Choosing the right paint color or colors is a big part of the procedure.

Begin by examining the space.
Consider the amount and kind of light it gets, any architectural features to be highlighted, and areas to be minimized. If they will stay in the space, consider the color of the floor and the color of the window coverings. Determine your objective for the space– whether you desire to make it appear lighter, bigger, smaller sized, cozier, or taller.

Downplay Shortcomings
Paint color can help you open spaces that appear small and dark or have low ceilings. Using shades of yellow or white offers an expansive, airy look. Huge spaces that seem sterile and lack a comfy feel could benefit from tones of brownish or dark blue.

Broaden narrow

halls with light colors. Provide a different point of view to a long, narrow room by painting the shorter walls a darker shade. Assist a boring room by offering one wall an accent color, possibly picking up a color in the floor or window coverings.

Some homes have a floor layout that is choppy with lots of little rooms. You can provide some unity to the design by making using of the exact same neutral color or tones of that color on all walls.

Highlight Positive Features
Showcase it if the room has attractive molding. Paint the wall a color that is lighter or darker than the molding.

A residence could have a great-looking fireplace, a prized piece of art, or a wonderful piece of quality furnishings that can become the center of attention of a space. Search for a color that will deal with the colors or color household of that favorite object. Think about whether a complementary or contrasting color may provide the finest impact.

Coordinate the paint colors when picking the floor and window coverings and furniture fabric if the strategy is to remake the entire space. Bring samples to the paint dealer to guarantee a good match.

Choosing Color
A number of factors figure into color option. Individual choice, or colors a person feels comfy with, is one of the most significant elements in color selection.

Study shows that people react to color, with blue, blue-green, green, red-purple, purple, and purple-blue evoking pleasant feelings among individuals, and green-yellow and yellow being least pleasant.

Colors also set state of minds that play a role in color option. Warm oranges and reds may stimulate cravings, while cool environment-friendlies and blues can appear soothing. Orange-yellows seem welcoming. Color choices also offer cooler reds and warmer blues that cross conventional color-wheel boundaries.

Light Affects Color

Remember that colors look various throughout the day and in different light. A paint color that looked ideal in the shop may appear garish or dull under natural or artificial light at home.

When comparing colors, cover the various other colors on a sample sheet or card so that they don’t influence how you view each color.

When picking paint colors, bring home color swatches and put them on each wall. Some paint producers also produce sample paints. These small containers of paint permit clients to paint small areas on the wall to check the color.

Inspect how the paint or examples take a look at different times of the day and evening during a few days. Colors utilized in rooms that get more northern light might appear darker while colors in rooms with more southern exposure can appear lighter and brighter.

Turn on the artificial light to be utilized in the space. Incandescent lights give a yellow-colored cast; fluorescents add blue tips; and halogens produce almost white light. Each affects how the paint color appears.

Buy all of the paint required for the project to keep the color consistent once you make a color choice. Compose the set numbers on the lids in case you really need even more at a later date.

Think about the color of the floor and the color of the window coverings if they will remain in the room. Help a boring space by giving one wall an accent color, possibly picking up a color in the floor or window coverings.

Look for a color that will work with the colors or color family of that favored object. Personal preference, or colors an individual feels comfy with, is one of the greatest aspects in color selection. When selecting paint colors, bring home color examples and put them on each wall.


Call Toronto Painters If You’re Curious about Selecting Interior Paint Colors For Your Home or Condo. Give Us a Call at 416-568-3547.

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Edge painting

Edge painting is one of the most important parts  in house or condo painting of the interior wall painting in the house. If your edge painting is not straight in ruins your interior paint job.

Many people can’t paint a straight edge because of a couple different factors. The biggest factor is that they don’t have any experience or a very limited amount of experience. Toronto painting contractor do all the freehand brushwork and edge cutting without any FrogTape Painter’s Tape Painting Masking Tape but for those who want to ensure a straight line for their painted edge I recommend frog tape painters tape.

This tape is an excellent tape to getting an exact crisp straight painted line. The tape sticks well to the wall and seals so nothing gets under the tape while you are painting with the brush or roller.

If you want to try your hand at freehand brush edging you have to make sure that you have a good-quality brush and usually these brushes are over $25, they are made of the highest quality synthetics and are Constructed in such a way that the hold plenty of paint plenty of paint and deposited evenly and smoothly as paintbrush glides along the wall. Another important factor believe it or not is the quality of paint. Low quality paints our course and are missing some extremely important ingredients for flow capabilities and as the brush deposits the paint the paint deposit sporadically as its gliding along the edge. If you use a high quality latex paint it has all the proper ingredients for smooth painting.

Interior House Painter Toronto & Mississauga

Interior  House Painter Toronto & Mississauga
Interior House Painter Toronto & Mississauga

Interior House Painter Toronto. Apartment Painters. Condo Painters

“Professional Workmanship Lasts Years Longer Than The Sweetness of The Lowest Price!”

We have been Inside House Painter Toronto & Mississauga for over 30 years and we think that states something with regards to our business. Our Toronto painting company employs seasoned painters in both residential painting and commercial painting assignments.

Toronto painting contractors

DO NOT hire sub-contractors and all work is performed by Toronto Interior House Painter staff.   Toronto painters undoubtedly are a locally based Toronto painting company working in  Toronto and Mississauga and generally the GTA.

All our painters are fulltime painting professionals who will:

  • Treat your home with respect!
  • Prep and shield all elements of your property before painting
  • ONLY use high-quality paint products: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, para paints, for all types of surfaces
  • Produce high-quality craftsmanship – no paint drips, unsightly stains or sloppy painting
  • Clean up after themselves!

 Working With the Best Interior House Painter Toronto & Mississauga


“Vic was great – I really just wanted my place painted without making a big deal about it or have it disrupt my life too much. I didn’t want to spend hours getting multiple quotes from other painters either. I was amazed at how quickly the job was finished – in one day I had 3 rooms painted and it looks great. Vic was able to move through the job so quickly and easily and really it wasn’t a big deal at all – the whole thing was quite painless! And extremely cost-effective! Highly recommend” – Heather Munroe

Providing exceptional interior painting and carpentry work for the following cities in Canada: Toronto, North York, East York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Whitby, Oakville, Burlington, Danforth, Riverdale, Rosedale, Yorkville, Summerhill, Forest Hill, The Bridle Path, Casa Loma, Wychwood Park, Regal Heights, South Hill, The Annex, Chaplin Estates, Teddington Park, Davisville Village, North Toronto, Deer Park, Bedford Park, Lawrence Park, Allenby, Cedarvale, Hillcrest, Lytton Park, & Moore Park.

Contact us today at 416-568-3547  for free estimates on your condo or apartment interior, exterior painting needs or click here to schedule an estimate.

toronto painting company

 Toronto painting company spray painting
Toronto painting company,Deck spraying on top of scissor lift.

Toronto painting company page.

Toronto painting company has been operating in the GTA since 1979. If you’re looking for a honest reliable efficient and highly professional painting company you might want to consider

Our Toronto painting company comes with years and years of references ranging from a former mayor’s house all the way to and a brewery in downtown Toronto by the CNE. Talking about the CNE exhibit booths in the CNE. We have also painted for PepsiCo, city of Toronto and many many construction companies over the last 30 years.

Our Toronto painting company can do fine custom detailed painting work as required in homes all the way to industrial spray painting corrugated roofing decks in plants and warehouses.

Our preparation work for painting is second to none we can be as meticulous and careful as expenses allow. Even in such instances as something sounding very simple where a customer who owns a factory or warehouse wants to repaint (spray paint) their corrugated roof deck. This sounds simple but there is a lot of preparation work involved in such an activity.

Safety is one of our main concerns. Safety is for the benefit of both the worker and the customer. We are covered by Worker’s Compensation Board (wsib).

This Toronto painting company interacts with the customer on a personal level on a one-on-one basis to ensure that the homeowner or factory owner or manager receives the painting services required.



3778 Corliss Cresent
Mississauga ON L4T 2Z5

Choosing Indoor Painters For Your Home Interior decoration Task

Painter Rolling paint on wall above window
indoor painters

Choosing Indoor painters

So in order to wind up with the appropriate indoor painters for the task? You’ll have to give your project some serious thought. Choosing is not as simple as you might think, particularly if you intend to hire a single painter or painters or a painting company truly qualified. Here are some fundamental rules to aid you out. First of all, you’ll need to obtain a checklist of the qualified interior painters in your location. You could do this by browsing for “toronto painters” or “hire a painter for a day” if your looking for a toronto painting company.

You could always hire interior painters if you feel this is a job that is also big for you – lots of people do,  locate  an affordable house painter when you consider the financial investment of time and materials in a diy painting job.

So exactly what must you do in order to wind up with the appropriate painter for the for your paint job? You’ll normally need to consider a lot of elements. Choosing is not as simple as you might think, particularly if you intend to hire somebody truly qualified. Here are some fundamental rules to aid you out. First of all, you’ll need to obtain a checklist of the qualified interior painters in your location. You could do this by browsing through the employment agencies or in charge of controling this career.

Now one of things you’ll need to consider would be your interior painter. If you want obtain the results that you desire, then you need to invest for such expert painting services. Don’t forget that this is very a fragile task. If the paint job will wind up as a sloppy clutter of paint brush strokes and roller marks, then you’ll need to invest once more to fix the very same thing. Do not concentrate excessive on exactly what you’ll be paying in with regards to painting quote. Keep in mind that there are bunches of interior painters around to select from. Exactly what’s essential is the assurance that the results are to your fulfillment.
Two common paint inquiries most residence painters have, Some FAQs from homeowners are “how well does interior paint color” and the other one is “how long does the paint color last before fading?” “How long will it take to do the paint job?” “Do we use low voc paints?”

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