Small Bathroom Decorating Tips – Detailed Information About It

Small bathroom

If there is no floorspace to be able to move around comfortably then there is much sense of putting anything in there but if you want to decorate the walls or make the walls more usable and useful you might consider putting some shelving above the toilet where it would not interfere with moving around in the small bathroom.

Depending on what type of looks you want your bathroom to have and if you want to use your bathroom also as a storage place for bathroom such as toiletries or bath towels etc. you might consider a boxed vanity with multiple drawers and double door cabinet opening under the sink where you might be able to store items.

Using a bathroom vanity cabinet will look much different than using a pedestal sink and totally change the looks of your bathroom.

If you have a bathtub/shower in your small bathroom you might consider using a very unique looking shower door that will definitely change the way the room looks since it is such a large item in such a small room.

All toilets fixtures basically look the same, some with larger tanks somewhat longer seats and some with different colors so these all have to be taken into consideration when decorating and designing your bathroom. And of course you should also think whether or not it will complement your bathroom sink and taps. These items should be color-coordinated with each other.

Tiled walls are also a nice distinct feature. A basic tile can be used on the walls with a two or three piece border tile with insets. This would set up the washroom nicely. Here too you can

very efficient small bathroom
very efficient small bathroom

Accented tile boarder

for nice color coordination.

Floor tiling also can be chosen to your taste. It does not much to do with anything else in the room. You can make the floor tiling look like anything you want for your personal choice.


Are harder to decorate due to lack of space decorate both walls and floor space. Obviously

Source: Small Bathroom Decorating Tips – Detailed Information About It

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House Painting, Condo Painting, Custom Painting

Tips on Painting

Tips on Painting

Painter Rolling paint on wall above window
Tips on Painting,use an extension pole for high areas.


Most probably you are not a professional toronto painter reading this article, you are a homeowner that is looking into possibly painting a room or your entire house. You might be doing some interior painting or you’re looking for Exterior Painting.

Tips Painting

will cover such things as, types and brands of paints, painting processes, painting tools and every day small helpful hints learned through experience in house painting.


Like the saying goes “You Only Get What You Pay for” this applies to interior latex paints for homes, exterior latex paints for residential use and even specialty commercial painting paint.


Residential paints comes in all grades from the lowest and cheapest paint (when you do a quick and dirty paint job) to a top line high quality premium latex paint.

When you are the one that is painting and you’re given the two different types of paint and asked to paint the section of wall with both paints and compare you will notice quite a difference.

First you will start using the start using the cheap low-priced paint, you will find this paint first of all not to apply very smoothly and evenly. The paint will slightly drag as you pull the brush along the wall. You might even notice that when you go past a spot with your brush that you didn’t completely cover the spot you passed over. You might have to go back over again with your paintbrush one more time to make sure the paint brush cutting was covering the wall properly. If you’re trying to do a very fine crisp and even, straight-line you might even notice that your paint sort of rolls up in a ball in front of your brush causing blotchy painting as you pass your brush at the wall and ceiling.

Moving on to using the paint roller, you might notice a few different things when you’re using an inexpensive cheap latex paint. Some low line cheap inexpensive latex paints might be to too thin texture or on the other hand might be to thick and hard to paint roll with. Sometimes the paint does go on properly but after it has dried you can see right through the paint and you will need additional coats of paint to make a good job of the painting.

So as you can see when you’re using a cheap low quality economical latex paint you will have to paint more times than needed and possibly still not get the look you’re looking for.


High quality premium latex paints such as Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin Williams are the main choices of latex paints by professional painting contractor in toronto. Toronto painters always recommend using Benjamin Moore paints for two reasons: they have a lot of top line paint stores throughout the GTA (Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Scarborough). Sherwin-Williams doesn’t have as many stores and are harder to find a location nearest the paint job. Both of these paint manufacturers have almost the same pricing on their paints. They both make high quality paint products.


Now, will compare the top line latex paint on a wall. You will see as soon as you dip your paintbrush into the paint can, the paint will look more like ink as compared to paste. When you start using your brush cutting along the wall at the ceiling you’ll notice that as the brush moves along it leaves a fine thin crisp line. You will also notice that wherever your paintbrush passed over the wall was painted evenly and properly not make you go over it again to make sure that it covers. Likewise when you’re using the paint roller you’ll also notice that the top line paints roll over smoother and quicker just like if your roller had ball bearings in it. You will also notice that wherever the paint roller had rolled over the wall had changed color properly without seeing through the paint.


As you can see the advantages of using top line paint as opposed to bottom-line paint, there is more work involved in trying to make the cheaper paint look good.

Another advantage of using the top line paint is that it is fade resistant, and in most cases is also washable.

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Painter Rolling paint on wall above window

7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter

How To Get Cheap Paint Jobs

Toronto House Painting Company

tries lower your house painting costs with a few special painting offers for cheaper painting jobs.

The biggest cost saver in painting a house or room is the amount of time spent preparing to paint the room. There are different ways of trying to save money and make it easier for the painter to do his job.

Obviously the first thing is if the room could be empty completely just leaving the bare walls. This is a great timesaver because truly the only time spent in this room would be strictly for painting. Generally painting an average size bedroom would take about three hours for two coats of paint.

Empty House

If the entire home is empty there could be a great savings for the homeowner. This would be the same as painting a new home empty of any furnishings.

Another house painting cost saving tips is trying to schedule the paint job on the off-season where the painter is not as busy because of having to also schedule into their busy schedule exterior paint jobs. Most people for some reason want to do their inter-house painting in the summer. This could be due to a number of reasons such as having the windows open to ventilate paint fumes, the painting project will coincide with the vacation, there is more daylight.

Same paint can: material and color.

This is a great timesaver because it would save the time of changing over paint cans two different colors and cleaning brushes and rollers. If a house has four bedrooms and each bedroom has a different paint color there is a good chance that it would take about 15 or 20 minutes to change over to the next paint. The paint tray has to be cleaned out and rollers and brushes have to be also cleaned out so they do not contaminate the next paint color.

Closet Painting

And other money-saving tactic is not to paint the closets because it takes a longer period of time proportionally to paint the closet than it does the paint four walls in an empty room.

Remove Wallpaper

If the home has wallpaper installed on any rooms or hallways it is best to have the homeowner remove the paper because it is a time-consuming process which will eat up a lot of the paint budget. Removing the wallpaper in some cases might be difficult where the homeowner could not remove it. But in other cases the wallpaper has been installed professionally make it easy to be removed at a later date.

Wall Repair

Wall preparation, should really be done by the painter to ensure good quality painting work in the end. But if there are some rough wall repairs to be done, again not really the scope of a painting contractor they should be done prior to the regular house painting procedure. Small holes and cracks are easily and normally a part of wall painting but anything larger than that should be taken care of prior to painting to save money.


Another great painting savings tip would be to paint the entire house the same colo

Source: 7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter

Repainting Metal Railings

Repainting Metal Railings


Refinishing your metal railings can be a little cumbersome if you have a lot of detail and ornamental work in your pickets and posts on your railings.

The first thing  professional house painters look for when preparing  metal railings in a home is the condition that they are in.Some railings are very clean and easy to prepare while some are very dirty and possibly even Rusty. In most cases what we do at Toronto painters as we degrease all the metalwork with a strong degreasing solution and in our case most the time we just simply use lacquer thinner if the railings were painted with an enamel paint since enamel paint does not dissolve with lacquer thinner. If the paint starts coming off, with the lacquer thinner that means it was previously painted with some latex/water-based paint. And in that case you have to use a different type of degreasing agent that does not affect existing paint except remove the dirt off it. After all the degreasing is done rinse with clean watered rag  .

repainting metal railings sponge
good sponge will help you easily for repainting metal railings

Light sand with a fine sanding sponge that will wrap around the pickets will do basically what this does is it De-glazes removing the shine along the paint to adhere. You might find the odd spot where the paint has chipped away leaving a small hole depression within the paint that should be filled in with Spot glaze which is a autobody filler. Or on the other hand you might be able to sand out and smooth that area so it is nice and even. When repairs are done such as these whether, it has body filler applied or a simply sanding removal of the paint a metal primer has to be applied.
Usually when we paint metal railings we always apply a special primer specifically made for metal. This keeps the metal from rusting and corroding. Applying the primer as with the paint requires a certain amount of care making sure that there are no runs and sags and heavy deposits on the different areas of parts of the railing. This means that if you are painting one or two metal pickets at a time go back over the first one and make sure that it is not in need of touchups such as removing heavy buildups and deposits of paint at the bottom of the ornamental work around the picket.
Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to apply two or three quick coats of paint not trying to completely paint the railing and one fell swoop. It will go quicker with less touchups if you are not over painting everything. Every time you go over the same area with a light coat it will cover a little bit more and catch any spots that you missed the first time around or the second.


Via Repainting Metal Railings | Your Toughest Paint Questions Answered | This Old House.

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