Stucco ceiling repair

Textured Ceiling Repair

stucco ceiling spraying

There are a lot of reasons you’re popcorn?ceiling requires repair work.

You could have had water damages from a leaking roof covering or an upstairs restroom commode or bath tub overflow or potentially also damaged or dripping plumbing system pipelines.

In some cases it could simply be a water stain/tarnish in the stucco, when this occurs we?often spray?”kilz” stain blocker?likewise a?similar product? you can use would ?be “bin“. There are various other stain/tarnish blockers called Benjamin Moore’s “SPS”? stain/tarnish blocker are the most popular brands. This is essential to make certain that you have the tarnish entirely secured with these items before working with the tarnished location in your stucco ceiling.if the blackened area?is recognizable, we touch?it up with white paint if it has actually been repainted in the past.

If the ?ceiling?has ?never ever been painted,?then spraying with an aerosol is the only way to safely apply the?white paint due to the fact that this does not soften and smoosh ?the stucco around as the stucco obtains moist from the paint it will certainly moisten?up and somewhat liquefy and you do don’t want?this.

On one occasion?we had to contend with a butchered ceiling by the electrician. Electrician was hired to install a bunch of pot lights into an existing ?ceiling. Since electrician is not a drywall specialist nor a stucco repair man the attempts that he did in stucco repair and spray were horrendous. We first of all had to sand smooth flat to the ceiling all the places that he had made an attempt at stucco spraying and drywall repairs. Then we have to prime the entire ceiling to make it consistent throughout. With all the pot lights removed we spot sprayed lightly the flat plastered areas to give it a quick light texture of stucco. Since the rest the ceiling was already stuccoed it did not need as much fresh stucco as if it were a bare drywall ceiling. What the areas that were fresh needed two coats to make it look good.

Once the spot sprayed stucco had set we proceeded on spraying a light coat of stucco spray on the entire ceiling quickly giving a uniform look.

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