Step-by-Step: How To Paint A Room

Professional handyman Andy Sjostrom shares his step-by-step technique for painting a room. Follow Andy’s advice for a professional looking paint job, every t…

How to paint the room, can be done many different ways. We as professional house painters in Toronto like to keep everything neat and tidy while in the process of house painting.

Something as simple as keeping your workspace clean. To start with we usually put the lid back on to the paint can to prevent any spills and items falling inside the can or dust falling in the Paint can.

How to paint a room in order.

  • First in order is wall preparation which includes any filling of holes or cracks.
  • Sanding all wall surfaces and trim work smooths.
  • Dusting at the sanded areas free from dust.
  • Tape using good quality painters tape on areas that you don’t want to get paint on and squeezing down to ensure a tight seal and adhesion.
  • Prime all wall repairs and trim work repairs.
  • Commence painting walls or trim with a light first coat of paint not piling up too much paint at the tape.
  • After the initial paint brush work is done then you can roll the paint on for the first coat.
  • Now you can repeat the process of brushing and rolling the wall again not piling the paint on at the tape edges.

and this is how you paint a room.

Throughout this process continually inspect your work making sure that there is no drips or sags of paint and any misses where you can still see through the paint to the underlying original paint job.

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