Sped Up Look At Painting A House In A Day


As you can see this is quite a slick video “painting a house” these guys are two seasoned professional house painters who have done this many many times over and know exactly what to do. For example they know exactly where to place the covers to protect paint overspray. The well used to taping up Windows, what types of tapes to use and the tape widths and so on. As you can see the painter is not scared of any heights and walks around the roof quite freely. This video was in preparation for spray painting. Spray painting is always the quickest way to paint the house but it also requires little bit more than normal preparation work as you saw in this video. I’m sure this professional painting contractor power washed the home prior to setting it up for spray painting. They probably washed the home earlier on that week. By washing a home removes all the soot and dirt from the walls allowing the paint to adhere better. This also allows you to observe any cracks and gaps between window frames and door frames to the wall and any openings in the wall them need to be cauked. All the patching and wall prep would be done prior to setting up for spray painting. The last thing you want to do is you are ready to start spray painting in and you see something else that has to be prepared and patched with filler. Wall repairs and caulking both take a certain amount of time to dry.

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