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Small Bathroom Decorating Tips – Detailed Information About It

Small Bathroom Decorating Tips – Detailed Information About It

Small bathroom

If there is no floor space to be able to move around comfortably then there is much sense of putting anything in this small bathroom, but if you want to decorate the walls or make the walls more usable and useful you might consider putting some shelving above the toilet where it would not interfere with moving around in the small bathroom.

Depending on what type of looks you want your bathroom to have and if you want to use your bathroom also as a storage place for bathrooms such as toiletries or bath towels etc. you might consider a boxed vanity with multiple drawers and double door cabinet opening under the sink where you might be able to store items.

Using a bathroom vanity cabinet will look much different than using a pedestal sink and totally change the looks of your bathroom.

If you have a bathtub/shower in your small bathroom you might consider using a very unique looking shower door that will definitely change the way the room looks since it is such a large item in such a small room.

All toilets fixtures basically look the same, some with larger tanks somewhat longer seats and some with different colours so these all have to be taken into consideration when decorating and designing your bathroom. And of course, you should also think whether or not it will complement your bathroom sink and taps. These items should be colour-coordinated with each other.

Tiled walls are also a nice distinct feature. A basic tile can be used on the walls with a two or three-piece border tile with insets. This would set up the washroom nicely. Here too you can

very efficient small bathroom
very efficient small bathroom

Accented tile boarder

for nice color coordination.

Floor tiling also can be chosen to your taste. It does not much to do with anything else in the room. You can make the floor tiling look like anything you want for your personal choice.

  Are harder to decorate due to lack of space decorate both walls and floor space. Obviously Source: Small Bathroom Decorating Tips – Detailed Information About It  

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