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Condo, house, apartment painting, 3 room special price

Condo, house, apartment painting, 3 room special price $449 

Paint any three plain averaged sized room walls.

Markham Residential Painting

Room painting includes: prep-move furniture into the middle of the room, cover all the floors all the way around the room to protect the floor from any paint spills or paint sprinkles.

Includes plaster repairs for such things as nail holes from pictures and small cracks around windows or doors. But does not include major amounts of plaster repair.

Painting includes two coats of  name brand paints, the first coat will be used as your primer coat and the second coat will be your finish coat.

When we use top line paints and a residential paint sprayer which have high acrylic content, the paints have very good self priming properties so the first coat will prime and seal small plaster repairs after we sand the drywall repair. Once the first coat on the rooms is completely dry and sealed then we can proceed with the second coat of paint. In most cases this process is more than adequate. Some special cases require three coats because of drastic color changes at which time we will use a tinted primer as our base coat and then we install to finish coats over top of that.

We’re your #1 choice when considering  residential painting companies.


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