Do residential painters make sense?

Recently, a customer who was planning to sell their home contacted a real estate agent. In the conversation that followed the real estate agent had suggested to repaint the condo a gray color for home staging. This color wasn’t even a light gray it was a medium shade. The agent did not suggest to repaint the trim which was already a slightly creamy white, this means the trim paint had? a mixture of yellow or brown in it. A yellow or brown hint indicates a warm color sensation. Where as gray if not also mixed with a little bit of yellow or brown will tend to be colder in nature. And this tends to give the combination a weird look.

The walls originally were a beige color but they were dirty, and because of this they needed to be repainted to make it look clean and fresh. The trim work blended nicely with this original wall color but when the gray color was installed onto the walls it made the trim look out of place. This was a total mismatch and non-complimentary to the wall color which was now a light to medium gray. If the gray paint? had some yellow in it it might have worked better with trim paint.

In home staging Toronto is quite active many people these days who intend to sell their homes look into home staging as a better method of selling their homes. As one of many?mississauga residential painters,?we have enough experience to identify this type of a mismatch quite easily. We know that if we painted the walls grey and left the trim a light creamy white it wouldn’t look right.

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