Repainting Metal Railings

Repainting Metal Railings


Refinishing your metal railings can be a little cumbersome if you have a lot of detail and ornamental work in your pickets and posts on your railings.

The first thing ?professional house painters look for when preparing ?metal railings in a home is the condition that they are in.Some railings are very clean and easy to prepare while some are very dirty and possibly even Rusty. In most cases what we do at Toronto painters as we degrease all the metalwork with a strong degreasing solution and in our case most the time we just simply use lacquer thinner if the railings were painted with an enamel paint since enamel paint does not dissolve with?lacquer thinner. If the paint starts coming off, with the lacquer thinner that means it was previously painted with some latex/water-based paint. And in that case you have to use a different type of degreasing agent that does not affect existing paint except remove the dirt off it. After all the degreasing is done rinse with clean watered rag ?.

repainting metal railings sponge
good sponge will help you easily for repainting metal railings

Light sand with a fine sanding sponge that will wrap around the pickets will do basically what this does is it De-glazes removing the shine along the paint to adhere. You might find the odd spot where the paint has chipped away leaving a small hole depression within the paint that should be filled in with Spot glaze which is a autobody filler. Or on the other hand you might be able to sand out and smooth that area so it is nice and even. When repairs are done such as these whether, it has body filler applied or a simply sanding removal of the paint a metal primer has to be applied.
Usually when we paint metal railings we always apply a special primer specifically made for metal. This keeps the metal from rusting and corroding. Applying the primer as with the paint requires a certain amount of care making sure that there are no runs and sags and heavy deposits on the different areas of parts of the railing. This means that if you are painting one or two metal pickets at a time go back over the first one and make sure that it is not in need of touchups such as removing heavy buildups and deposits of paint at the bottom of the ornamental work around the picket.
Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to apply two or three quick coats of paint not trying to completely paint the railing and one fell swoop. It will go quicker with less touchups if you are not over painting everything. Every time you go over the same area with a light coat it will cover a little bit more and catch any spots that you missed the first time around or the second.


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