Removing Paint from Doors

Removing Paint from Doors

 stripping paint off doors with scraper
stripping paint off doors with scraper
 paint stripping raises paint off door
the paint stripper raised the paint off the door

Can and should be done in different ways depending on the type of door. If it is a flat steel door or if it is a varnished stained oak door different procedures apply to removing the paint off these.

If your door assuming at the front door you want to remove the paint is a flat door and depending on how much paint has already been applied in previous jobs to the door. If you have a thick layer of paint from many years of painting on a flat slab door then what Toronto painters?would do is to lay the door flat on its back either outdoors or in a well ventilated area and apply a thick coat of paint stripper on it. Let the paint stripper do its work depending on the strength of the paint stripper might take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and a half. If you are using an eco-friendly paint stripper you’ll be closer to an hour and a half or a couple of hours or even more. The only nice thing about using these eco-paint strippers is that they are of course environmentally friendly and less harmful. By the way you can also if you are wearing rubber gloves put a coat of the stripper on the one side turn the door upside down and apply the stripper to the second side. Don’t worry about the first side which you put the stripper on by turning it upside down it will only help it do its job faster.

Take a scraper like a putty knife and start scraping the paint off since it is soft and malleable and should come off easily you might have to do this process a couple times and to you got the paint only removed.

paint stripped off one open door oak doors completely paint stripped and finished


If you have a contoured wood door that has panels it might be a little bit more difficult to be able to remove the varnishes or paints. Obviously care must be taken to any kind of molding that is on the door. This process if trying to do it accurately and carefully will take much more time to do. Attention must be taken to any scraping or scratching and even hitting not to damage the wood. All this is what we’re looking for here is a new look to the door and if we start damaging the door with nicks and scratches we had defeated the purpose. Again our?procedure would be to lay the door flat apply a liberal amount of paint stripper onto the door let it do its work. Again this time with a series of contoured scraping tools and steel wall you can sculpture at the removal of the softened paint off the door. And hard to get spots that are soft enough the steel wool to remove it use a one or zero steel wall of course wearing gloves to protect the skin on your hands. And the small places where still won’t get into you have to use a very sharp pointed scraper to move those lines where the paint is stuck.

When all the paint has been removed from the wood door it most likely needs a good thorough sanding. Usually when wood gets wet it will raise the fibers of the wood making it necessary to sand. After the door has been sanded check for any damages that might have been done in the process of stripping the paint off. If the door has natural clear finish or stain finish thence necessary to get a sustainable wood filler for patching any errors. They again have to be sanded smooth. Finally the door has to be dusted off.

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