What house painter was there first?

Painters in Richmond Hill?have many times been the 1st painter to paint the homeowners house. When asked about who painted your house last they said they did. This way I couldn’t comment on how bad the paint job was not to offend them but I pointed out some bad spots in the painting and how I could improve the paint job.

I told them that we had various techniques in painting that we had learned and practiced over the years and became quite efficient at cutting (paintbrush edge work) and rolling. And of course the knowledge of paint preparation work which is the most important aspect of house painting because if your preparation work is good then you waste your time and painting houses

For years, I have avoided hiring a professional house painter by just painting my house myself. The only problem was, well, I had to paint my house every couple of years. And the worst part is that even right after painting, the house really did not look like it had been freshly painted. Hours and hours of painting basically culminated in a light covering that served to hide the flaking paint from last year. Finally, I broke down and hired a house painting contractor.

Before I hired the house painters, I investigated siding. Metal siding looked okay and was durable but the cost was ridiculously expensive. Vinyl siding also looked all right, but was not much cheaper and does not have the durability. And frankly, I did not like the idea of putting some kind of shell around my house. A good paint job is sleek and fresh looking for a long time, and has a far more organic feel.

One thing I was reminded of when the painting contractor arrived and we went over the job is that paint is not just color on your walls – properly applied paint serves to protect the exterior of your home. Exposed wood eventually succumbs to the weather. Improperly painted Masonite or other engineered wood products will swell and rot over time with exposure to the elements. Experienced house painting contractors have the knowledge to make sure that the paint you use will stand up over time and apply it in a manner that seals and protects your exterior building material.

Functionality aside, the professional house painters just do a far better job – in far less time. When I would paint, the trim was wavy, I always had to go back and re-cover drips, and my clothes and I would be a mess. When the painting contractors came out, they threw up scaffolding, laid down some drop cloths, and just a couple days later I basically had a brand new house. The paint shined brightly, all of the edges were straight and precise, and I did not discover missed spots every few days like I did when I painted. Obviously, the job cost more than it had when I would buy a five-gallon bucket of cheap paint and a roller, but the end result was incredible. And the best part is that I did not have to lift a finger and I have a beautiful home that will stay that way for years to come.

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