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How can I protect glass when painting without using tape?

How can I protect glass when painting without using tape?

 Protect Glass from Paint

Is there anything I can use to protect window glass instead of tape when I am painting the wall around it?

Painting windows and French doors that have many panes of glass are extremely difficult to paint. Toronto painters uses a masking liquid which greatly helps out doing the tedious process of painting multiple window pane doors sometimes as many as 12 small panes. It is tough to get into these areas with a brush not hitting the window.

The nice thing about this material is that you can paint the entire door including the Windows, everything with a coat of this sealer. This will act as a primer for the bare wood.

To start off with prepare the door as you would normally by sanding anything off that should be there. Dust the door off including all the panes of glass.

You can either apply it manually with a brush and roller or you can spray it on depending whether you have a paint sprayer or not.

Once the mask has dried, read the label. You can paint the entire door or window depending on what your painting. You do not have to worry about anything at all except to do a nice clean even smooth paint job on it. Since you are not worried about getting a perfect straight clean line without hitting the window you can afford to do a better job of it.

 Protect Glass from Painting
Protect Glass from Paint No Worries about Getting Paint on Glass Just Peel It off

Once your paint has dried you take a sharp X-Acto knife or box cutter and go around carefully the edges not to hit any wood. Once you have gone wrong completely the pane of glass you can peel off the paint in one large sheet.

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