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Toronto Painters serving Toronto West of Yonge Street and Mississauga


Toronto painters  home  painting services
Toronto painters painting condo walls

 Toronto painters House painting, Condo painting and apartment painting including Office painting.

Hollywood Painting,” toronto painters ” house painting services include wall preparation such as plastering, drywalling, filling and sanding holes and then priming. All of our wall and trim painting is done with high-end Benjamin Moore paint and high quality tools and materials. We only use the best rollers, refills and brushes to create quality stroke free finishes. Our paintbrushes are all top-quality synthetic bristles, which leaves a nice smooth paint finish. Our prep work for walls and trim leaves wall surfaces and trims smooth when finished. We use a combination of quick dry plaster followed by a medium dry plaster and slow dry plaster for a nice smooth even drywall finish.

House painting: Kitchen Cabinet PaintingKitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen cabinet painting includes painting of the cupboards and renovation where we sand down the existing cupboards and cupboard doors. We can install new hardware or relocate old hardware. We also repaint existing kitchen cabinets.

Our kitchen cabinet painting consists of removing all the hardware such as knobs and hinges from the doors once all the kitchen cupboard doors have been numbered. We then wash down all the kitchen cupboards including the doors with a special decreasing soap, which removes all kitchen greases making it nice and clean and ready to prime or apply finish coat of paint. We systematically paint multiple coats of paint evenly and smoothly with specialized painting equipment ensuring that there are no brush marks or roller marks on any part of the cabinets. We use top quality kitchen cabinet paint to ensure the best results. After letting the paint dry over consecutive coats we then start installing the hardware and placing the doors back into their respective places. When the kitchen cabinets are completely finished they look like new and are well worth the small investment compared to buying new kitchen cabinets.

House painting service: Stucco ceiling repairs

Stucco ceiling repair work

We can repair stucco ceilings or remove stucco ceilings entirely making them flat. A lot of homes have stucco ceilings installed the required maintenance at some point due to either water damage or ceiling scratches from moving furniture around. This can be repaired with a multitude of operations starting with repairing the damaged ceiling. Sometimes stucco ceilings contain water stain damage that requires stain killer, which will cover the stain permanently not allowing it to breathe through the topcoat. A fresh coat of stucco spray popcorn will be sprayed evenly over the ceiling to give it a fresh clean look.

In some cases customers do not want stucco ceilings and want to have the stucco ceiling removed; in which case, we can remove stucco ceiling, plaster it smooth and refinish with a fresh coat of white paint giving the room a completely different look.


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