Stucco ceiling removal

People are getting tired of that old painted stucco ceiling look?


Stucco ceiling removal

or stucco ceiling repairs and stucco ceiling painting

is what we do.

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In this era of home design more high-end homes are being designed and decorated with flat painted ceilings in mind.
Stucco ceilings are a maintenance issue to say the least. When a stucco ceiling gets damaged it becomes a major candidate for

stucco repairs

and ceiling spraying additional popcorn. On occasion when a homeowner has a bathroom leak or tub overflow or some other reason why there would be water escaping onto the living room ceiling it becomes a nightmare to have it repaired.

Painting stucco ceilings?is the first line of stucco ceiling repairs. Firstly when?

painting stucco ceiling

?you still have to do all the necessary preparation work to protect the floor and walls.
Stucco ceiling repairs are quite involved. They require a lot of careful and thoughtful covering of all the floors and walls and furnishings. Most the time it is recommended to remove as much as possible out of the room.
When the room has been emptied the painting contractor will come in and cover all the walls and floors with plastic sheeting. Stucco is a wet application and you don’t want to have your hardwood floors wetted with a wet paint drop cloth that has been soaked with the stucco mixture.

If the ceiling in the room has ever been painted before the chances are that the stucco will not match well enough to pass. Therefore it is recommended that the entire ceiling should be re-sprayed with stucco. The other alternative is to just touchup spray stucco in the localized spot and then paint the entire ceiling.

Another alternative to a damaged stucco ceiling would be to remove the entire stucco ceiling and re-plaster to a finish coat. Then paint the entire ceiling nice flat white. There are some variables here that do affect the cost of removal of the stucco ceiling and that would be that if the ceiling has ever been painted before it is more difficult to remove and takes more time and effort. Also when the original stucco was installed if the installer mixed primer with the stucco mixture then the stucco is also harder to remove because it becomes harder to sand. There are many different ways to remove a stucco ceiling. Our method is the most modern and least messy. We use the festool Planex LHS 225 drywall sander that does an amazingly dust free clean job. When we say dust free means that there isn’t layers and layers of dust all over the place typically when sanding drywall.

Your ceiling most probably is made with drywall. Whenever these covered properly and sealed off the amount of dust is quite minimal.
Stucco ceiling painting can be done on fresh stucco that has never been painted before or an already painted stucco ceiling. When a ceiling that is never prepared before needs taking it has to be taken with an oil-based ceiling paint because if you use water latex paint it will dissolve the stucco making a mess of your ceiling. But if your ceiling has already been painted previously latex paint should work.

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