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Toronto Condo Painting

Serving the Toronto area since 1979.

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We provide professional painting and carpentry services to the Toronto region.

Our Toronto residential painting services include interior painting such as complete entire whole homes,condos or apartments in the residential painting category. Our interior painting services will include drywall preparation which would include fixing and plastering any holes or cracks in the drywall or plaster, we can repair small holes and cracks with straight application of Gloucester and larger holes we can replace the defective area with either sheet of drywall or some special drywall patch screening to cover holes caused by doorknobs or smaller objects breaking through the wall.

Our  toronto commercial painting services include office painting and warehouse painting, store painting and office building and apartment building painting.

All plaster repairs will be sanded smooth and primed with high quality drywall primer.

We prepare and repair wooden painted trim work back to original state, we also change colors on your wood trim to any desired color the customer (homeowner) requires.

We replace any broken or unwanted wood trim such as baseboards, doors and door frames, window casings, fireplace mantels and book shelving. We also do minor kitchen renovations such as refinish your kitchen cabinets and remove and installing new hardware on your doors. Kitchen painting.

Also on carpentry we repair and rebuild wood decks and porches, our most popular repairs are on to rotten wooden deck planks and deck hand rails. We also replace fence gates. Our specialty is power washing and staining decks and fences.

If you’re stucco ceilings are damaged and scraped or had been damaged by water damage (water stain damage) we can replace the ceiling drywall and is not necessary we can seal the stained water damaged area with special stain blocker and then re-stucco the ceiling. Or if you’re stucco ceiling is not that bad we can repaint the ceiling.

We also do custom carpentry work such as cabinets, portable closets, boys toybox, wood stands, garage shelving, basement shelving, storage rooms.

Some of the types of jobs we can do for you:

Special Exterior Jobs – We can construct or repair your decks, balconies, and pickets. We create unique cages, fix garage areas or carports. If you have a special task outdoors, just simply seek the help of Toronto Painters.

Exterior House Painters – We adore painting households in Toronto. We do the precise planning work, serve to help you decide on a color scheme, and then perform the functions to perfection. Entrust your household’s exterior to Toronto Painters.

Interior House Painters – Have a child on the way? Your young adults going far and need their room to keep pace? Plan to put an all new twist on an old room? Toronto Painters can certainly help you from start to finish with managing an interior painting project.

Interior Color Choice – It’s obvious that color can easily either make or break a layout, but luckily, neither is finding out ways to choose the perfect color palette for you. Deciding on the perfect color for your interior painting job could be exhausting. Don’t be the sufferer of a lousy color design. Let Toronto Painters make it easy for you.

Commercial Painting – We know that for you to be very competitive as a commercial painting company in Toronto, a painting provider will need to have two features: adaptability and swiftness. Toronto Painters produce both and with a fee one can feel great about.

Condo Painters– Known for their convenience, condominium buyers sometimes find them challenging to decorate, especially when it concerns picking color. Toronto Painters can work for you to factor in how all the spaces of the condo interact and choose color schemes that are suitable for you.

Deck Building|Powerwashing|Staining – Decks and Porches are subjected to patterns of humid and dry, swelling and then reducing. The adverse results of the atmospheric condition trigger lumber to buckle, fracture, rupture, and bow. Put in the time to repair your open-air living spots. And after renovation, Toronto Painters will help you decorate.

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