Condo and Apartment Painting

We have 40 years of experience in apartment and condo painting. Apartment and Condo painting can be done in 1 day for the average size condo and up to 2 days for larger sized. Our paint jobs are done with top of the line Benjamin Moore paints and high-end brushes and rollers. We focus highly on the details and perfection from the beginning of the prep to the clean up.

painting in downtown TorontoWhy you should consider painting your condo/apartment

Condo Painting from the builder is painted in a white or light beige color to give the condo a finished look but is not painted for decoration. Eye catching condo painting is left to the new owners to do if they’re willing to invest a little bit of money to upgrade the paint. Painting your condo is one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your condo. It’s inexpensive, makes your condo look newer and cleaner, is easier to wipe down, and is easier to remove scuffs and stains.



Kitchen cupboard painting whiteOur Service we provide

There is not much difference between houses painting and condo painting except for a few things, such as, access to the condominium, their rules and regulations for contractors and a parking spot for the painter. Our painting service only takes 1 day for the average sized condo and up to 2 days for larger sized. If the unit is limited in space, we begin by moving furniture and contents from one room to another while painting. When one room is finished then all the contents will be put back and the next room will be painted. We start by inspecting and patching/filling all spots on the walls that need repaired. We will then begin by priming the walls and adding coats of the colour you desire. Once the walls are dry, we paint the ceiling if it’s needed and finish off by painting the trims for a clean finished look.

In most cases our paint jobs take 1 or 2 days of inconvenience but with the end result, you’ll be happy you did. You will be living in your favorite atmosphere enjoying all the colors that will surround you on some nice fresh clean walls.

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