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Painting Windows without Taping

When you’re painting windows or painting glass paned doors and French windows and the doors have lots of glass to work around it is smart to use a very high quality brush. Do not buy a cheap brush because it won’t paint straight and accurately. You need a medium stiff dense sash brush,
you can either use a 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch. The reason you don’t want use a soft brush is because they won’t be able to go straight into tight corners without being sloppy.

For example if you are painting a multi-pain french window door and your painting one of the square windowpanes pick any corner to start from and dab your brush short of the glass by slight amount and reinsert the brush closer and closer until you come to a fine closeness to the window glass also notice that you should not have an excessive amount of paint on the brush because this will ultimately blotch onto the glass. In other words try to use a moist but not soaking wet brush with blobs of pain hanging on it.

This is one of the reasons why you want to use a quality brush it retains paint without looking heavily overlaid with paint. Another important aspect is to use the highest top quality paint you can afford.

As the paint gets more expensive it becomes finer and more accurate to work with. In most cases Toronto painters uses top paint brands like Benjamin Moore’s regal paints or topline Sherwin-Williams achieve a smooth and luxurious finish on interior doors and trim with ProClassic® Interior.

Painting the first few window sashes will be difficult and slow but as you get used to your brush and the way the paint handles you will pick up speed and accuracy.

Another way to paint Windows without tape on the door is to use a masking gel that you paint onto the window pane of glass pane letter dry and then you can all the wood trim around your glass without worrying about hitting the glass. And when all your window sashes are done and you have completed completely all the trim painting, you can remove the clear masking using a razor blade/window scraper.

You can go around the circumference of the glass with the straight edge of the utility blade to separated from the wood and then you can continue on by scraping off/peeling away the masking gel that now has paint on it.

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