Painting white is a good idea How to choose the right color for your room,

Painting white

I recently uploaded a video onto YouTube where I discuss Painting a condo in white. There are all kinds of different shades of white. Having condo painting in?white doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to look white. The positioning of your light for example casts shadows off of your floor and furnishings. This being said, if you put the same paint exactly onto 2 different walls let’s say 2 perpendicular walls they will reflect light in a different way making the look like they’re different colors even though they’re exactly the same color. White is a very strange thing it can make 2 identical walls look different color. This also goes with painting certain types of pastel sandy kind of colored paints. I’ve had where customers would say that the paint is in the same part in reality is exactly the same paint but the way the light hits it and reflects from it makes it look like a different paint. So the same story goes for White paint. White paint can be tempted towards ?warm colors? which would be in the zone of orange, yellow or brownish tinges mixed in with a little bit of red and orange colors. This gives you the illusion of warm colors. Where as if you used a blue hint in your white or even black and in very small amount would make it tend to be a ?cool color?.

Therefore if you have a pure white wall and it is surrounded by bluish colors or greenish colors, the wall will reflect back a bit of ?cool?. Another nice thing that can be done with white paint is if you put a few drops of color into the white paint it will give it a certain hint of the color Without actually demonstrating the color with full power.
A?pure white condo sprinkled within a few accent walls can greatly break up the unexciting humdrum look of a?room. Painting accent colors will definitely give the room some design and Interest. This feature wall can include such things as special furniture or it can be eight television/Entertainment center. Feature walls can also be placed behind bed headboard walls which will enhance the look of your bedding.
It is important that you purchase a high quality ?white paint color? to paint your walls and rooms. White paint will show up anything that is dark within it as a blemish. As everyone knows if you want to see a problem with something you put on top of a white cloths to be able to clearly see and identify what you’re looking at and the same goes with the walls. If there’s any dark material embedded in the white paint it will show up, or if the white paint is not strong enough to cover the underlying coat behind it, the paint will be too see through making it look bad.

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