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Toronto Painters Painting Tips

Toronto house and condo painting tips

here’s a good painting tips for novice painters and for those who have a lot of French windows to paint.

painting tips masking
Brush painting tips masking
painting tips rolling on masking
rolling on masking

It’s okay for professional painter (Toronto painters) to paint freehand a couple of multi-paned French window doors but if there is a series of these doors to paint even the best painter will get tired. Taping the glazing on a window is very time-consuming and must be done accurately because if it is not then there is to problems it might create. One being that if the tape is on a small portion of window jam or window crossbar when you remove the tape you will find out that there is a better spot on the wood. Or if on the other hand you do not take directly against the wooden trim on the glass then you will and up leaving a strip of paint on the window which will ultimately have to scrape off. All this can be done very accurately but it does take quite a bit more time to carefully place the tape.

For years we have been using a special clear removable quick dry sealer that will be able to be scraped off/peeled off the window leaving a nice clear clean crisp painted edge on the window sash.

This substance can even touch the wood trim without any adverse effects so you don’t have to be too careful on applying the clear coat.

Most high-end paint stores will have this product in a different name possibly but it will do the same thing.

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