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Painting Stucco Ceiling | Repair Stucco Ceiling

Painting Stucco Ceilings

 can be quite a difficult and strenuous task to do. There is a lot of things involved when it comes to painting a stucco ceiling. Most the time when we get called in for painting a stucco ceiling is because it has gotten dirty over time and needs to be freshened up. There is nothing nicer than a pure white ceiling.


When the homeowner called to have their stucco ceiling repair done due to water damages from leaking or overflowing toilets or bathtubs in the upstairs washroom we have to come out and assess the damage and the work required.

In simple cases were the ceiling just needs to be repainted we check to see whether or not it has already been painted before. If it has already been painted then the bare stucco is protected from dissolving when water is applied to it . The problem with painting stucco ceilings is that when latex paint comes in contact with stucco it dissolves the stucco the wetter it gets. This has caused a lot of homeowners problems when they tried to paint the stucco ceiling themselves and discovered that as they were going over the ceiling with a full roller of latex paint it moved the stucco around ruining the stucco texture and in even some cases removing the stucco leaving bare spots. And this is why that we suggest to use oil-based white ceiling paint.

There are specially formulated ceiling paints that don’t sprinkle as much and you don’t get as much paint on your face and your floor.

Painting Stucco Ceiling
Painting Stucco Ceiling is our number one choice

when attempting to paint a stucco ceiling these are the observations you should take:

Stipple, Knock-down, and Popcorn Texture, these are porous and crumbly type textures and require special care.

Determine if it has ever been painted before, or assume that it has not.

If it has been painted, you can usually safely use a low-shine latex paint.

If it has NOT been painted, or you are not sure, you MUST use OIL-BASED ceiling paint. Any water-based product may dissolve the texture and it could come down on your head like raining oat-meal!

Purchase enough paint for about 1 gallon per 250 square feet. Ceilings are difficult to predict quantities for because they soak up a LOT of paint.

Use either a 30mm nap lint-free roller or a ‘Slit-Foam’ roller.

MASK EVERYTHING!! Any area un-covered will somehow magically attract the paint to drip on it. It’s a quirk of nature.

STRETCH thoroughly if you have not warmed up. Painting ceilings is hard on the neck, shoulders, back and arms.

Begin painting

Fill your roller up VERY full, and start in a corner.

Roll all in one direction for about 10′ x 10′ square, filling the roller as needed – usually about 3 to 6 times, depending on the ceiling type.

If using oil, immediately turn 90 degrees and paint the same area (this is your second coat); if latex, your second coat will be done later.

Repeat the process maintaining a wet edge to avoid ‘lap-marks’.

If using latex, do a second coat when the whole area is dry for 4 or more hours.

When everything is done 2 coats, remove all your masking carefully – drips may still be wet.

via How to Paint Ceilings.

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