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Painting Services

Our Painting Service Areas – Rexdale Etobicoke Mississauga Brampton Oakville


Toronto Painters is a premier professional  Toronto Condo painting company specializing in House Painting, Commercial Painting, and Industrial Painting with emphasis on Exterior Painting. As an experienced Painting Contractor, your paint job is important to us and your paint quotes are always free.

Our primary job goals, in addition to house painting, is interior carpentry work and stucco ceiling repair, stucco removal and basement repair.

Our interior carpentry repair work involves replacing baseboards and doors, making wood shelving and custom carpentry work including rebuilding wood decks. In many cases the customer has rotten floorboards or wood railings that are shabby and loose or steps that have become rotten and loose and dangerous.

Our stucco ceiling repair and stucco removal service is where the customer is tired of the look of their stucco and want to remove it and make it look more modern looking. We remove the entire ceiling and plaster over it making it nice and smooth like your walls and then paint the ceiling.

Need a Painting Estimate?

Look no further! Call us with your painting questions regarding Condo Painting, Industrial Painting, Commercial Painting, House Painting and Exterior Painting within the entire GTA. Our mission statement is to provide professional, quality-controlled work, as conveniently and economically as possible. We provide free estimates and fast reliable service. This service makes us a top interior and exterior painting company in the GTA.

Call Toronto Painters for a free no-hassle estimate at 416-568-3547.

Our Painting Service Areas also cover the suburbs:Rexdale Etobicoke Mississauga Brampton Oakville

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