Painting Over Wallpaper

Painting Over Wallpaper

 painting over wallpaper
priming and painting over wallpaper

This is quite a common thought. No one likes to remove wallpaper. Especially when the wallpaper doesn’t want to come off easily. When wallpaper is applied to a wall there are certain things that the installer should do prior to hanging the wallpaper.

Before hanging wallpaper the wall should be prepared with either a ?sizing? compound liquid that you put on to the wall that will seal the wall and make it impervious and in impenetrable from the wet glue that is either on the wallpaper or on the wall. When there is no presence of some kind of in impenetrable shield such as a sizing compound or even simpler just a oil semigloss paint the glue?will penetrate in behind top layer of drywall paper and become a part of the drywall. So when removing the paper you also be removing the top layer of drywall. It is not good enough to paint with a semigloss latex because it still is not good enough to seal the wall. Sealing the wall is the same as wrapping it was a plastic bag not allowing anything to go through the bag.

If you have tried removing the wallpaper from a wall that is never been sealed before you will discover that half the wall goes with it. This leaves you a lot of drywall plastering repairs to do. And that is enough deterrent to keep you from removing the wallpaper and electing to just paint over top of the wallpaper. Now of course this all depends on the type of wallpaper that’s on the wall. If it is a deeply textured paper that basically it’s half a dozen one and?six of the other. Because there will be plenty of plastering to do in either case. You have to plaster over all the wallpaper to get it smooth.

If you have a relatively smooth wallpaper with no texture and all you have is the occasional place were the seam has come loose or a place with the seams are open or overlapping this will require some plastering over to create a smooth surface and transition.

When all the seam repairs and any damages through the wallpaper to the drywall were repaired next comes to prime the entire wall with oil primer. The oil primer first of all does not bubble the paint and secondly it allows you to identify any further repairs to be done to the wall.

Once you are satisfied with the way the wallpapered wall looks with the coat of primer on its next up is to paint your finish color on it in most cases two coats of paint will do and you can paint it with anything you want latex paint or oil paint. Your wall should look like a brand spanking new wall.

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