Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Antique Finish



There are people who like giving almost all their belongings a personal touch.? And choices range to diverse fields and one of which may go the direction of achieving a vintage charm.? One way to do this goes by painting kitchen cabinets with an antique finish.


Painting supplies are pretty much the same with just an addition of stain.? Stains are use to achieve an antiqued look.? Keep in mind that stains can darken the entire appearance of a cabinet.? So say that the end goal is an antiqued cream finish, white can be a great choice for paint color and a medium brown stain can go with it.


When doing this for the first time and unsure of the results, it may be a good idea to buy sample paints and stains first to mix and match the combinations and see what suits well for the look that people want to come up with.

Painting kitchen cabinets with an antique finish also go by the same steps as usual painting jobs.? Make sure to prep and prime the cabinets.? Also go by the usual two coats of painting.? Afterwards come the beginning of the fun part.


Distressing is one option when trying to achieve a vintage look.? After drying the coats, distressing can be done by sanding back some of the edges, grooves and corners of the cabinet.? It can be done with as few or as much depending on personal liking.


Afterwards, start staining the cabinet.? This can be done with the help of sponge and make sure to use disposable gloves.? Remember to work fast because stains are very quick to dry.? For those who only started painting kitchen cabinets, it may benefit them by practicing first on scrap woods.


Beginning the work, apply the stain quickly to one side and make sure that it is damp instead of dripping.? Working on one section, fold a paper towel into fourths and start pressing onto the stains and begin wiping off in the direction of the wood grain.? Follow this step in doing the rest of the surfaces to achieve an antiqued finish.


Giving household items a new look and personal touch can really help brighten up a whole room while taking advantage of its budget-friendly cost.? Therefore, Painting kitchen cabinets with a fresh antique look can possibly do the trick while sticking to a tight budget plan and not having to consider buying a new set of furniture.

Author: Vic Nagy?416-568-3547

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