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?Toronto Painters is your Toronto local painters bases their cost estimate on the type of painting work that is required for the job. What type of paint work is a customer looking for and what type of paint work is currently there and what type of finish job is required.

I found this interesting YouTube video on estimating paint jobs for home painting. This presenter obviously is working in the US where the rates are calculated a different way but in general the pricing calculation is close in some respects. There are different degrees of paint quality work.

The painted job quality depends on a couple of factors which in turn reflects on the price. There of course there are quick and dirty paint jobs where the customer is solely looking for a color change or something new. The customer is not very picky on the smoothness and the way the paint lays on the wall (this is especially so when a subdivision home has been painted with subdivision contractor painters who never properly prepared the walls to a nice smooth finish) these painters use heavy rollers and paint quickly without much care to how the paint flattens out to the wall leaving slight orange peel type texture. We have painted many places where the previous paint job was so rough and orange peel that it was difficult to make it look good without plastering over the entire wall surface.

An other contributing factor to the cost of painting a room is the amount of preparation work required to paint the room such as plastering feeling in holes and cracks and how much furniture and floor has to be covered or moved.

On this type of quick and dirty paint job on the walls obviously it will cost the least amount of money because of not so much attention is paid to finer details as to the thickness of the roller pile and the careful accuracy of the way the paint is rolled on. But of course a professional painter who knows their thing will make this job look good but he will know what to do to make it an effective paint job where all the underlying color has been covered and the lines are straight, no paint misses and no paint hits such as on the ceiling or trim work. The work is still accurately done but less effort is required.

The next type of paint job is where the original paint job on the wall was carefully originally primed and then sanded smooth making sure there were no imperfections in the drywall taping and joints such as valleys or humps and wows in the wall. Making a nice smooth straight even wall. Here the painter also choose a top quality latex paint and a finer nap roller. The finer nap roller moves along slower but it roles and paints smoother over the wall.

Ceilings are another place where costs can vary. Some people have stucco ceilings that many times had never been painted before and required to be painted first time with an oil-based paint which greatly throws off a low estimate of $100-$125, the oil paint alone is $50 plus paint fitters are required which are an additional $6 or $7 and the paint roller must be thrown out because it is not worth cleaning. Oil paints smell up the house and are harder to work with. Therefore painting stucco ceilings by themselves can vary from $125 up to $250 depending on the size and circumstances.

Trim painting again can vary depending on how many windows and doors there are and the style of these windows and doors. Also the condition of the trim work must be taken into consideration because if the trim work is in bad condition but the owner wanted to look pristinely new and there’s a lot of preparation work involved prior to do any painting. Trim preparation is another chapter on its own.

How to Bid (Estimate) Interior Painting” By Painting Business Pro

via “How to Bid (Estimate) Interior Painting” By Painting Business Pro – YouTube.

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