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Markham painting companies estimate

Painting estimate is done in different ways by different Painting Contractors Markham – TorontoPainters.org. Some  painting companies measure everything and compare it to pricing per square foot or linear foot or per gallon of paint. This type of pricing is not as flexible as it should be  reflecting the economical climate.

Markham painting companies estimate

Toronto painting company residential painting
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The way that I find to be the most competitive and effective painting company estimating is done by straight time plus materials.   When we arrive at a painting estimate we do a general review of the entire home or whatever needs to be painted. Once we have a good overview of the entire project then we will go section by section room by room and item by item  calculating the time that it will take to perform each operation per item. Once we have added up all the time for all the painting operations we will come up with a grand total of time needed to perform the interior painting or the exterior painting.

Once we added up all the time we then multiply it by the hourly rate required to perform the painting work.

For example if we have a house to paint with a room that had extra millwork or trim work installed and we noted the amount of time that it would take to paint or stain the extra contents of the room it would be noted on the timesheet. And if the customer wanted to adjust or take away items that all we would have to do is remove that section of time required to do the painting work or staining work.


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