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(Hollywood Painting) has been serving the greater Toronto area since 1979. We offer a wide variety of painting and carpentry services. Below are a collection of photo galleries showing off some of our work,

We deal with everything you see in these pictures including more.

Photos Kitchen cabinets painting

we are one of the best kitchen cabinet painters in the GTA, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Richmond Hill. We have done many kitchen cabinets painting and refinishing. Most homes including condos generally paint the kitchen cabinets white in color unless they’re trying to accented with some other color in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinet paint comes in various sheen levels all away from a flat (not shiny) not recommended to a next level up shine level would be velvet which is recommended because it is washable and better maintainable. Next up from there there is egg shell finishes which is a little bit more easily cleaned and then of course the semigloss finish which is almost a wipe finish with a damp cloth and finally there is a gloss finish which is the easiest one to clean but the one that is the hardest to maintain due to small scratches and may occur or other damages might happen since the finish is so highly reflective. On damaged kitchen cupboard doors we can do a plaster repair which is almost perfect but still is not the same as the original plastic melamine finish.

Photos Drywall Repairs

Drywall repairs are often necessary in older condo buildings due to many reasons such as wall repairs plumbing repairs tenants damaging walls and just simply older cracking walls. We can fix flaking paint on walls or flaking ceilings. Also majority of time we have to do drywall replacement were the plumber have to access some plumbing behind the drywall and cut a large hole. We are able to replace the drywall and put it back to good.

Photos Deck Repairs And Building

Deck repairs are quite regular on older decks were maintenance has not been maintained on a regular basis keeping a deck in good condition requires a certain amount of upkeep such as cleaning it in spring and fall. Most stains require a touch up after the second year to maintain their brilliance. It’s a lot cheaper to apply a touchup coat on the deck than it is to wait an additional year or two having to remove the entire stain and re-staining again.

Photos Deck and Railing Building

Deck and railing building is quite common because most decks after number of years have their wood railings come loose and wobbly and Durwood steps become insecure and unsafe to walk on due to rotting boards and eroding footings.

Photos Handyman Carpentry

Our handyman carpentry may include everything from tiny rebuilding decks just repairing decks and in some cases modifying decks to accommodate certain needs. Sometimes people want planter boxes on their decks, sometimes people want sitting benches on in their decks

For further info on any Toronto painting and Toronto carpentry work called us out 416-568-3547.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting:

White Kitchen cabinet paint
Painting kitchen in white

Drywall Repair:

drywall repair
Plaster around electrical outlet

Deck Repair:


Deck repair start at the framework
Rotting deck joist

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