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Painters Toronto: 3 ways to add paint to your home

Toronto Painters

 painters Toronto

has 3 ways to add paint to your home this year

painting is the cheapest way to get the biggest bang for your buck in changing the looks of something.

Painters Toronto says if you want to change the looks of a room but you don’t want to get into painting the entire room there are few options available in respect to changing the way the room looks and feels.

Have you ever thought about placing some stripes along one wall whether they are horizontal or vertical stripes. Take a wall you think would look best with stripes and think about if you want them to be a thicker wider stripe thinner narrower stripes. Do you want to have a combination of stripes on a base color?

Once you have established the way you want the stripes to look and how many you want, you will have to calculate how many vertical lines you are going to have to apply spaced evenly on the wall. Next you mark the wall at each line. Use a long level to make sure that your vertical stripe will be leveled vertically. If you don’t have a longer level you could always attach a short level to a long straight edge and use the edge as your marking guide. Once you have laid out all your lines check to make sure that they are all parallel to each other measuring the top from line to line and then the bottom from line to line. When all the spaces are exactly the same then you can apply tape to the side that is not going to be painted. I recommend using “frog” tape or a good quality Scotch blue tape not quite as good but still work. (This tape has to be removed as soon as possible after the paint dries) the frog tape can be left a little longer.

Toronto painters usually uses a mini roller to fill in these strips not allowing the paint to going on the other side of the tape you have to be careful here unless you using a wide tape. Using high quality many rollers are the best way to go because they do the best job of covering.

After the first coat has dried there within a few hours you can apply the second coat and then you should be done. Now remove the tape and if you want to do as stripe inside that stripe you have to apply tape the same way again.

If you’re not into painting walls than the next best thing is to paint objects in the room. When we paint decorative objects to give the room some pizzazz we always use a high quality high acrylic latex paint. We wash down the furniture or wall decoration with a high quality degreaser to ensure that the paint will stick. The trick with painting any type of furniture is to put multiple coats on not trying to get the paint job done with one or two coats but sometimes four or five codes very thinly applied watching for application marks such as brush marks or roller marks. A high quality latex will sand well, so you can use a very fine sandpaper to lightly buff the freshly painted coat of paint of course after it has dried thoroughly.

Painting feature walls are another quick way to change the looks of the room that can be done quickly the only trick here is that you have to make sure that the wall that you are painting has very nice straight sharp corners to the adjacent walls. Without a nice straight sharp corner it will be difficult to get a perfect seam/transition to the other color. It should be a definite sharp straight difference between the two colors without jagged overruns onto one or the other. Generally what  our painters  do is slightly paint onto the two adjacent walls by a 16th of an inch using a “frog” tape to ensure a perfect straight smooth line.

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