Painters Tape

Painters tape is very important for a variety of reasons. The reason you use painters tape is to keep paint off whatever you are painting around.

  • 1st it keeps paint splatter and sprinkle off your baseboards
 paint splatter and painters tape
paint sprinkled and splattered on baseboards can be prevented by using painters tape


  • 2nd it helps you paint a straight line with your paintbrush or roller.
  • 3rd it allows you to paint between taped parts that you could not normally paint without getting paint on one or all the parts such as between a light switch cover and a thermostat cover which in some cases you cannot remove one of the other.
 taping around electrical outlet
taping electrical outlet


  • 4th painters tape can also be used for doing wall graphics such as vertical or horizontal bars or stripes.

    Wall stripes blue and light blue
    Wall stripes

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