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Painter for a Day

Painter for a day

painter for a day
painter for a day

   is offering  for those who want to save money and don’t have a complete house to paint. Painter for a Day comes complete with 1 seasoned professional painter with years of experience and all top line professional equipment. Also included are normal amounts of plaster, caulking, drywall tape and sandpaper. The painter for a day  will come with his own stepladders and ladders including rollers, paint trays and paint brushes .

if you find you have been putting off some needed painting or caulking (our caulking is professionally installed  not leaving any excessive material in the wrong places around baseboards and window casings etc). around the home because you can’t find the time or just don’t feel like doing it, this a good deal for the homeowner.The odd  paintwork can probably be done all in one day and out of your hair.

We are experts at paint touchups on such things as door frames and scuffed baseboards. If you have holes in your walls from hanging pictures we can patch the holes and then repaint that one wall. If you have hard to get at staircases that you are not able to paint or too frightened to paint we can do that too.

If for example you have built Oak wood or Maple wood or some other type of exotic wood shelving or cabinetry work we can stain and urethane it. Or if you have done some home improvement of some kind we can paint that too!

Possibly you might need your deck in Toronto or your deck in Mississauga power washed. We remove all kinds of mildew and soil with a good powerwashing wash.

So for example if you have some baseboards to be painted in your living room and a couple door frames around your house that need touchup and then finally you might want to power wash your deck in the back. This could be an example of a combination of things that would add up to a day worth of work for the painter for a day program.

All this for $500

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