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Paint Peeling Off Plaster Ceiling

Paint Peeling Off Plaster Ceiling

Paint Peeling Off Plaster Ceiling

paint peeling off plaster
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There could be many reasons for your paint job to be separating away from your plaster ceiling. Ceiling painting is not one of the better things that people enjoy doing. It is a long slow process if there’s lots of ceilings.

Mechanical issues

there could be moisture problems in the air causing the paint to separate from the ceiling. If there are a few spots here and there where the paint is peeling away from the ceiling possibly there could be something make in that area moist. Check to make sure that there’s nothing behind the drywall ceiling that could make that part of the ceiling moist and when the scene gets moist and the other side has he done its it will make the paint bubble away from the ceiling because the moisture has to escape somewhere and it will escape lifting the paint. To repair these areas obviously one has to scrape the loose paint off and make sure that the situation that is causing the peeling has been solved.

 paint peeling off plaster ceiling repair plaster compound
plaster for repairing drywall and ceilings

If necessary apply some dry mix clustering compound such as “sheet rock 90”or “sheetrock 45”and then sanded smooth, apply primer over this area and then repaint. You might have to repeat the entire ceiling because patches show up in many cases and it will look like a touched up ceiling.

The person painting the ceiling might decide to make his job easier and hurrying it up. If it is an old ceiling that has had years of use especially in areas in kitchens and places where hot humid greasy vapor can attach to causing a barrier like a wax paper type of coating which will not allow anything to adhere to. Once this situation has been identified care has to be taken to ensure that paint will stick to the surface.

Washing the ceiling

can be done on a flat ceiling that has had no stucco popcorn sprayed on it. Usually a nice flat smooth ceiling can be washed with a mild detergent such as dishwasher soap or a clear from Canadian tire called “spray 9”which dissolves grease and dirt easily or you can use a little stronger cleaner called sodium phosphate which you need rubber gloves to use. After the ceiling has been washed down it should be rinsed.

Priming the ceiling

with a high quality paint primer that is designed to prime over existing paint. It’s quality should be high adhesion and a sealer to prevent stain bleed through. This is important because if you put a regular primer on a ceiling that has stains on it that cannot be washed off by regular means than the stain will bleed through the topcoat of your ceiling paint.

Ceiling paint


has been specially formulated for just that reason. Wall paint has a tendency to sprinkle more than specialty ceiling paint. The ceiling paint has more body and has a thicker consistency to prevent paint sprinkle. No one likes to have their face and arms covered in paint sprinkle not to mention the floor covered with wet paint particles. It is also wise not to water down the paint with water to make it spread quicker because you will lose the properties of the specialized paint to prevent it from sprinkling. Additional info:

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