Types of Paints, Oil or Latex Paints

Types of Paints, Oil or Latex Paints

One very strong tip I can offer to anyone who wants to paint the whole room which would include, the ceiling and the walls and trim including the doors baseboards and frames or just simply painting one item in the room such as one door. Plan your job and estimate how long it will take you to do each part of the painting project, when you’re doing this type of work after work you don’t want to be taken into the middle of night tired . This is the reason why many times Toronto painting contractors get calls because the client realizes they don’t have the time.

As a Toronto house painting contractor we only use the best paints such as Benjamin Moore paints when painting rooms inside.

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Oil paint is being phased out of use, it’s possible we might not be able to purchase oil paint in the next few years. Paint has to be ecologically friendly to the environment and only latex paint an even special ones are the ones that will work closely to meet the requirements. Oil paints also are more difficult for cleanup and disposal of. You need to use paint thinners such as varsol or turpentine, then what do you do with the dirty leftover thinner? This thinner is definitely not environmentally friendly, now you have to find a special place to dispose of this toxic material. Lately I have been throwing away my oil painting tools after each job to save this step. Besides paint thinners cost a lot of money. If you do have dirty varsol or unused paints that you want to discard you can always take it to the paint store you bought it from and they will take care of it for you. Or you can take your unwanted oil paints and any other kind of paint to Home Depot and they will dispose of it for you.

Latex paints are getting better these days. Latex paints have formulated to stick better, have better hiding capabilities and have better smoother finishes. Latex paint also don’t smell as much and irritate your breathing. Latex paint can be washed out with water to a nice clean finish and you don’t have to use any types of special cleaners such as paint thinners or varsol’s.

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